Year 05

28 Dec Contribution to Conservative Party's Quality of Life Policy Group
23 Dec The EU should deal with Microsoft by promoting open source software
21 Dec Motivation in the workplace and sustainability
20 Dec Free trade is not sustainable . . ." Period!
20 Dec An anthropological approach to sustainability
17 Dec Money: the most versatile form of power known to man
17 Dec The dangerous fantasy of "One Nation"
13 Dec What is blinding us to the root cause of non-sustainability
12 Dec Montreal too small a step forward to save our planet
6 Dec A simple, but profoundly important, case of mistaken priorities
5 Dec Global motorisation: what will we tell our children?
1 Dec A still infantile Homo sapiens should not play with nuclear fire
30 Nov The root cause of non-sustainability
29 Nov Those who do care about coming generations
27 Nov What directs, and determines the intensity of, the media spotlight?
25 Nov  Resisting the nuclear option
23 Nov Sustainability and the problem of familiarity and perspective
23 Nov The rich are also a threat to themselves
22 Nov A brief outbreak of sanity: the 1914 Christmas Truce
21 Nov Film stars, men, apes and a "maximum wage"
18 Nov The blessed (soon to be cursed) generation
15 Nov Remembrance Day
14 Nov What's special about "organic"
13 Nov Taking issue with the Dalai Lama
6 Nov Europe, America and immigration
5 Nov No, Mr Porritt, Capitalism cannot save the world
2 Nov Our addiction to and dependency upon an unsustainable economy
2 Nov An anthropological approach to sustainability
28 Oct Prince Charles himself must also face up to the "need for limits"
27 Oct Time to talk tough with Iran
27 Oct Race and identity
17 Oct Building a Temple to the God of Automobility
14 Oct The INSANITY of seeing China as the “ultimate motoring market
10 Oct Racism and racial identity
7 Oct Helping black people succeed
5 Oct Understanding the blindness and stupidity of those at the top
4 Oct Contribution to the debate on nuclear energy
28 Sept Time to connect the dots - and face up to the picture that emerges . . .
28 Sept Where private capital is leading us
21 Sept Institutional racism, or a natural tendency to identify with those most like ourselves?
20 Sept Tim Collin's unreasonable demand
19 Sept In response to ZDF request for contributions to a "German Dream"
16 Sept Deep in denial about what we are doing to our planet
9 Sept Regardless how much oil is left . . .
8 Sept The spirit of Open Source
8 Sept Helping the poor AND saving the planet
6 Sept Transcending our animal instincts
3 Sept Condemning ALL acts of terror
3 Sept Taking a (commercial) interest in sport
31 August Faith in Evolution rather than in Creationism
23 August Merck is not alone in prioritising company profit
21 August Kenneth Clarke has the moral fibre of a criminal drugs baron
21 August More on the madness behind the madness of putting the economy before ecology
18 August Madness behind the madness: putting economy before ecology
14 August Can people capable of putting a man on the Moon really be that stupid?
6 August A sustainable, fair-market and fair-trade economy
4 August The ideology of multiracialism and multiculturalism in the service of our capitalist economy
2 August £77 million lottery win - one more example of the "insanities of normality "
31 July One rule for "our bombers", another for those who bomb us
29 July The difficulty even scientists have in recognising the "insanities of normality ", and what the long struggle to ban cigarette advertising has to teach us about the struggle for sustainability (revised version of letter posted on 25 July)
27 July What does it mean to be British? What a load of piffle!
25 July What the struggle to ban cigarette advertising has to teach us about the struggle for sustainability
19 July Medicaid, Social Security and the socio-economic environment
15 July Homo stupidus economicus
13 July Sustainability and a world in denial
9 July Who is to blame for the London bombings?
7 July The London Olympics - the perfect distraction from the problem of achieving sustainability
6 July Recognising corruption - even when it is legal
5 July Not the poor are the main problem, but the rich . . . .
1 July Never mind Africa. They are not the main problem. WE are!
29 June The humbling of America - a fantasy
24 June An economy of the people, by the people, for the people
21 June The Sunturn (solstice) our ancestors celebrated
20 June Interacting with children - a source of joy and anxiety
19 June By the way, our planet is doomed . . . (unless we do something about it)
14 June Saving our planet
9 June Rape and abortion
8 June Creating an alternative society based on our more enlightened, human nature
31 May Organic food: more a philosophy (of sustainability) than a market sector
29 May Executive pay and sustainability
23 May The origin of our prosperity and crisis
21 May America's "love affair" with the automobile is in fact an addiction
19 May Climate change: a consequence of our economy being rooted in man's animal nature
18 May Orgasm and the conflict between our human and animal natures
18 May What scares me about nuclear power
17 May The animal roots and non-sustainability of our economy and way of life
12 May It's about IDENTITY, not "racism"
11 May Confusing feelings of racial identity with "racism"
10 May Observing the observers of Spaceship Earth
10 May Our animal nature and the socio-economic environment
9 May Advertising has no future
5 May The election campaign is a circus: all profits go to politicians and the media
2 May What blinds us to our stupidity
28 April In defence of racial diversity
27 April Who's mad - me or the 6 wise ones?
15 April Why doctors (and other professionals) fail
14 April Whose history are WE talking about?
13 April  Apollo 13 and Spaceship Earth
13 April Nation states tend to mirror the behaviour of individual human beings
9 April Global warming is just a symptom of an underlying malady
7 April Response to letter and "pledge card" from the office of Tony Blair
6 April Questions to my parliamentary candidates (for coming general election)
3 April The root cause of our most pressing problems 
1 April All efforts to combat global warming and achieve sustainability are in vain . . . 
31 March God and Father Christmas
31 March What does not bear thinking about . . . 
30 March Facing up to the biggest threat of all
30 March On the road to ruin
28 March A DNA database for dogs
27 March Why (not only) the tobacco industry behaves so callously
26 March What is worse: rape or a DNA database?
25 March Our addiction to fossil fuels: either we get dry or we die
24 March Response to Mark Steyn article
22 March If President Bush realised what he is doing
21 March  Biological research that is adding insult and mockery to injury
16 March Charles Darwin and the injury claims industry
14 March If diversity matters, so does race
12 March Environmental alarmism or our addiction of a growth-dependent economy? 
8 March Where the one-eyed are kings with little interest in a cure for blindness
6 March Offensive language
5 March Infidels, communists, fascists, racists and other "baddies "
28 Feb The socio-economic environment and the primitive forces shaping our world
23 Feb Dividing up the spoils from our plundered planet
23 Feb A classic case of denial about what we are doing to our planet, Spaceship Earth
12 Feb The animal roots of religion
11 Feb Taking the controversy out of ID cards
10 Feb Why the bombing of Dresden still matters
10 Feb Why immigration leads to emigration (warning: very non-PC)
3 Feb In society we all play by two very different sets of rules
2 Feb The American automobile market and the "socio-economic environment "
1 Feb Only in retrospect: The wisdom of Britain's stand against Nazi Germany
1 Feb A million good reasons to doubt global warming
29 Jan Wachstum, Wachstum über alles: the demands of sustainability vs economic demands
28 Jan History is at the heart of a nation's identity (work still in progress)
27 Jan For global warming and achieving sustainability it is 10 past not 5 to midnight
26 Jan Ethnic priorities
26 Jan "Free lunches" and "money trees" are not conducive to sustainability and human survival
26 Jan Increased immigration: essential for British and European prosperity and power?
25 Jan The 200th anniversary of Einstein's annus mirabilis is in danger of passing unnoticed
21 Jan Economic principles, "free lunches" and "money trees"
19 Jan Britain's shamefully low level of recycling
18 Jan The "central purpose" of New Labour and sustainability (in response to PM's speech)
14 Jan Prince Harry's misdemeanour
10 Jan Proposal for a voluntary DNA databank
9 Jan The BBC and the Jerry Springer Show
5  Jan Our animal need for "life after death"
4  Jan  A more wholesome way to die
4  Jan Where is God in all this? Where he has always been: in our imaginations

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