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30 Dec The socio-economic environment is there to be exploited - isn't it?
29 Dec The MOST important lesson from the Indian Ocean tsunami
28 Dec Zoe Williams tapping in the dark
22 Dec A native European's perspective of Turkey's bid to join the EU
21 Dec Christianity is a "holy" inadequate religion for the 21st Century
20 Dec The evolution of language and social behaviour
18 Dec Two more examples of "Insanities of Normality"
15 Dec Why is a native Briton's need for ethnic identity always construed as racism?
10 Dec Harold Shipman - the doctor who killed his patients
9 Dec Britain's and Europe's "hideously white" history
3 Dec The urgent need for a reliable and convenient means of identification
29 Nov TV World
22 Nov  Society's role models for sexual promiscuity
22 Nov On the curvature of the political spectrum
20 Nov On the mistaken belief that the socialist dream can be realised using capitalist cash
18 Nov A letter to the PM on race and immigration
18 Nov A letter to the PM on PR
17 Nov Top rates for top dogs - America's shameful income differentials
16 Nov The Left are as screwed up and in denial about "race and immigration" as our Victorian forebears were about sex
15 Nov The beauty/ugliness of wind farms
10 Nov Too deep in denial to face the contradictions between economy and ecology
8 Nov Is the Queen really green?
8 Nov Two examples of the insanity of economic normality
7 Nov When the mainstream is a raging torrent
7 Nov Economy and Ecology: the most serious case of confused priorities
2 Nov Anglo-German relations and the "Curse of Christianity"
2 Nov Why we should express shame and regret for what British bombers did to Dresden
1 Nov The Queen's concern for our planet
31 Oct In response to the Queen's concern about global warming
29 Oct  Never mind the government, Polly - what are "we" going to do about growing inequality?
23 Oct The forces behind our compensation culture
22 Oct A Nobel Prize for madness: "Forget climate change" and surrender to the "Insanities of Normality"
15 Oct Dealing with criminal immigrants
12 Oct  Riding the dragon of our capitalist economy to global catastrophe
08 Oct Man's "more animal than human" nature vs the need for fair and proportionate income differentials
30 Sept Man's struggle for survival and advantage in his socio-economic environment is threatening his survival in the physical environment (letter to Nature)
28 Sept For the planet's "Greatest Ape" the struggle for survival and advantage has moved from the natural to the socio-economic environment, with profound but largely unrecognised consequences for his future
27 Sept A "minimum/maximum wage" and the "Moral Economy"
26 Sept  It is not only the tobacco industry which is now on trial
20 Sept More enlightened religions and concepts of God
17 Sept Kofi Annan's belated declaration of Iraq war's illegality
09 Sept How much easier it is to see others' faults than one's own
07 Sept Why black boys fail
06 Sept Helping politicians face up to their mistakes
06 Sept America is ripe for a second, more radical revolution
05 Sept A question I would like to put to Russia's president, Vladimir Putin
05 Sept Schools as local community centres for a sustainable society
04 Sept The future of TV news (letter to BBC Radio 4's The Message)
03 Sept May God bless America - or heaven help us!
02 Sept Speeding and our addiction to the motorcar
28 Aug Why we are all still so deep in denial about global warming
26 Aug Still scratching at the surface of the Problem of sustainability
21 Aug Sustainability of the American Way of Life: Time for a reality check
13 Aug "Councils raise rubbish recycling rate to 14.5%" - and it is only 2004
12 Aug The German word for "tax" is "Steuer" which also means "rudder", i.e. a means of steering
11 Aug "If it is happening it is happening here on BBC 24"
10 Aug George Monbiot is right about global warming being hard to accept
8 Aug Our "more animal than human" nature and the "insanities of normality"
26 July Non-lethal weapons as evidence of West's moral superiority
25 July "Ticket to Mars" may well cost the Earth . . . !  
20 July "The right to bear arms", an expression of man's "more animal than human" nature
14 July Russian oligarchs exemplify man's more animal than human nature
7 July The "problem" with nuclear energy . . . 
21 June The concept of environmental sustainability not yet understood
12 June The media as drug dealers, feeding our interest in (addiction to) sex, violence and celebrity
10 June The prize for "Best Species at Monitoring it's own Demise"
18 May Rotten journalism is just part of the problem
14 May Home sapiens or Homo economicus?
10 May Sex education in a sexually corrupt society
5 May A more radical and philosophical approach to injustice and non-sustainablility
18 April Executive pay and man's animal origins
14 April Taking issue with some concluding points made in SDC report on government's sustainability efforts
13 April Jonathon Porritt is also deluding himself 
4 April Trains and planes should be complementing, not competing with, each another
31 March Why, for heaven's sake, does an overcrowded Europe need immigration?!
30 March The motor car - and other "insanities of normality"
30 March Why we are borrowing too much . . .
30 March Instead of prescribing ourselves ever more anti-depressants . . . .
24 March Building an alternative, sustainable society and economy on "enlightened" self-interest
23 March The biggest threat is not from terrorism, but from the non-sustainability of our economy and way of life
22 March  No need of ID cards, but for a Voluntary National Database of Personal Identity Files
20 March Appreciating what we've got
12 March Money . . . . makes the world go round - And down! (not yet finished)
12 March Human pedigree against human clones
8 March What motivates the media
7 March Rising house prices brings unjust redistribution of wealth
6 March The straw(s) that broke the camel's back
3 March Fair Trade and Sustainability
2 March How many millionaires can our planet, Spaceship Earth, support? (to Guardian)
28 Feb How many billionaires can our planet, Spaceship Earth, support? (to NYT)
26 Feb In defence of the right to tell and laugh at jokes that are non-PC
24 Feb A missed opportunity to face up to our fatal addiction to oil. Thank you, Bill Clinton!
23 Feb The struggle for advantage in the socio-economic jungle
13 Feb The inherent roots of "institutional racism"
10 Feb The consequences of wealth transfer from wealth creators to property owners
8 Feb Cheap air travel and man's flight to extinction
2 Feb Why I disagree with Kofi Annan about Europe's supposed need for immigration
01 Feb What has gone wrong with the BBC?
26 Jan Importance of reducing the fixed costs of driving
24 Jan A malicious lie, surely?
23 Jan Support for Jenny Tonge
21 Jan   "Civilised society"
19 Jan Hollywood whores
19 Jan Need for DNA database against human cloning
14 Jan It is time we set up home (society) on our own - before our parent's one collapses upon us
13 Jan Feigned sickness at the workplace is symptomatic of a sick society
13 Jan Speed limits and the "humble motorist"
10 Jan Man - Earth's "Greatest Ape"
08 Jan Our addiction to the motor car is much more serious than we realise
05 Jan Towards an Economic TOE

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