- 2003 -  
30 Dec Why we don't take "saving the planet" seriously
24 Dec Right diagnosis, wrong cure
18 Dec Flight to extinction 
5 Nov Global warming is as much a moral as a technological problem
25 Oct It is the light it throws on British society, rather than on royal relationships, which makes Burell's case so interesting
24 Oct What Concorde will be remembered for . . .
23 Oct For some, money really does grow on trees
22 Oct Whether Britain may one day have too few whites to be a part of Europe?
20 Oct When economic sense amounts to social insanity
18 Oct Pointing out the "insanities of normality"
11 Oct "Money makes the world go round" - a false and dangerous analogy
9 Oct In response to Boris Johnson's "elementary principles of conservatism"
9 Oct Law of the (economic) jungle and the "insanities of normality"
7 Oct Moore's mistake
6 Oct Nonsense from No. 11 (from 3 June; a bit late, but as topical as ever)
4 Oct Stephen Gough and British morality/depravity
30 Sept The need for a "voluntary" National ID database in our "Social Jungle"
26 Sept Oil (and petrol) are stolen goods 
23 Sept White man's world
22 Sept Fairness and Sustainability
16 Sept Christianity adé
16 Sept We Got Rhythm; the Mystery Is How and Why
15 Sept The end of Zionism
12 Sept The "materialistic" interpretation of the American Way of Life
12 Sept Are the Challenger and Columbia accidents also a lesson for Spaceship Earth?
12 Sept We are all on the road to ruin and with no time to gloat over the Tory Party
10 Sept Who says, money can't buy you love? And a knighthood to boot!
10 Sept From anonymous to Nonymous Society
8 Sept Race and immigration - from the perspective of a "Native Briton"
6 Sept The need for a national Voluntary ID (VID) databank
5 Sept The folly of subsidising cheap air travel
5 Sept Letter to Polly Toynbee on creating a better (and sustainable) society
28 Aug Man's animal nature still dominates society and our economy
26 Aug Thomas Friedman's view of Iraq
23 Aug Let it be "God bless" rather than "God forgive" America
21 Aug Europe is not America, and race matters
21 Aug The illusion of scientific rationality and objectivity when personal interests are involved
18 Aug Air travel and consumer demand
9 Aug Giving up the "Gospel Lies" for more truthful and useful concepts of God
8 Aug Confusing perspectives on race and immigration
7 Aug Time to stop moaning and set about creating our own alternative, sustainable society
4 Aug The more animal than human roots of our non-sustainable economy and lifestyles
29 July On the morality of the National Lottery
29 July The animal roots of our non-sustainability economy
26 July What the BBC and The Daily Telegraph have in common
24 July The American (a country of immigrants) view of immigration
23 July Success of "restorative justice" throws bright light on society's failings
23 July Addicted to the motorcar
22 July Why New York when Bombay is so much cheaper?
20 July Western Society as a whole is addicted to substance abuse
18 July No government can save us - We must save ourselves!
17 July Let down, not just by one "rotten apple", but by the whole damned barrel!
15 July What really distinguishes man from beast
14 July What the world revolves around
10 July Our addiction to the "American way of life" and "doing business"
9 July Why surprise at the widening divide between rich and poor ?
7 July The way to car(e)free society
6 July Family matters
6 July Workaholism, non-sustainability and the "American way of life"
4 July Animal welfare, or treating animals "kindly"
1 July Addicted to a non-sustainable economy
30 June In response to  Dr Dalrymple's cynicism (not yet ready)
28 June Some (free) advice for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
26 June Decriminalising the DNA databank
25 June Four ideas for TV programmes/documentaries
24 June White middle class liberals place the "white man's burden" squarely on the shoulders of others
21 June Why people smoke
20 June We for the economy, or the economy for us?
19 June Workaholism is damaging our planet's vital organs!
17 June Addicted to the motorcar
16 June The importance of "our own" history
16 June Health tourism and asylum present same dilemma
16 June For profit or not for profit?
13 June Better to be a criminal . . . . ?
11 June Sustainable transport policy
10 June Transport policy and the fate of our planet
4 June The continuing need for a "maximum wage"
3 June Nonsense from No. 11
2 June The immigration paradox and dilemma
30 May The Potters Bar rail accident, a symptom of a society rotten at its core
29 May Understanding the battle over biotechnology (not yet available)
28 May Understanding Exxon's attitude to global warming
25 May Global warning Part 2: free market economics vs. sustainability
24 May A Copernican Revolution in Economics: a letter (still in the making) to the PM
24 May House price disaster (not yet available)
23 May Such a "magnificent sign of labour market flexibility . . ." 
20 May The need for a "maximum wage"
19 May If our airports continue to grow, . . . .
17 May Global warning: comment on review of Martin Rees book, "The Final Hour"
4 May The pathology of power
20 April Why the need for an ID card at all?
4 April The only way to win the peace
19 March The tobacco industry is far from being alone in its criminal pursuit of profit
3 March A sustainable economy will also have to be a "moral economy"
17 Feb The Royal Society (of Fools) wants Britain to build more nuclear power plants
 4 Feb Behind roses' beauty, man's ugly inhumanity to man 
14 Feb “End of the world nigh - it's official”. Just joking, of course . . . .
12 Feb Who wants to be a billionaire? I don't . . . !
11 Feb Advertising-free society - a condition for sustainability
10 Feb Learning from the evil of cigarette advertising
9 Feb The Prince and the Noble laureate
7 Feb Earth’s “greatest ape”
7 Feb The need for a "maximum wage" to achieve sustainability
4 Feb A voluntary National Identity Databank
3 Feb The corrupting influence of commercialism
31 Jan Deeply flawed British justice
30 Jan A shameful contempt for privacy
27 Jan Even more immigration - No thank you!
19 Jan The economic implications of man's animal behaviour
15 Jan Germans, "pessimists" or "realists" for not thinking world is developing in right direction?
13 Jan British barbarity - at siege of Iranian embassy
10 Jan The cause of gun culture
9 Jan The point of punishment for dangerous driving

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