- 2002 -


30 Dec Money . . . 
28 Dec Cheap oil is "stolen property"!
27 Dec Europe's declining birth rate is a blessing - not a problem!
25 Dec Making the right decision for a less important reason
22 Dec From “Gospel Truth” to “Gospel Lie”
20 Dec The basic message of Christianity is nonsense!
12 Dec Believing "evolutionary theory" as a matter of faith
12 Dec The freedom to break speed limits at the driver's own discretion
10 Dec BP's dilemma
3 Dec Addicted to fossil fuels
1 Dec Time is running out for Spaceship Earth
26 Nov The “nightmare of the motor car”
20 Nov When we used terror against civilians it was justifiable, was it?
18 Nov Supermarket sales culture
9 Nov Keeping our heads in the sand
7 Nov Cod crisis - foretaste of worse to come
4 Nov "Scientists Say a Quest for Clean Energy Must Begin Now”
3 Nov "Homo sapiens" indeed!
20 Oct. For "Organic" read "Sustainable"
04 Oct. A Maximum Wage as only way to sustainability
20 Aug. Before the Summit
18 Aug Can the earth summit achieve anything?
10 July WWF report on future of our planet
26 April No "swamping" no problem. But there is
08 April "Killer drivers", like their victims, are just unlucky!
05 April The difference between America and Europe when it comes to immigration
30 March A question of priorities: The economics and "ecologonomics" of Recycling 
29 March Helping Israel by not denying its culpability
28 March Unfortunately, saving planet Earth is not economically feasible

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