- 07 -  
4 Feb When are we going to wake up to the ROOT CAUSE of the "Sustainability Problem"?
30 Jan The main points I wanted to make on Home Planet about the "Sustainability Problem"
27 Jan Driven by LOVE and VANITY to save the planet
26 Jan By driving mass migration, globalization is destroying human, as well as bio, diversity
25 Jan Why is "racism" blighting our societies?
24 Jan  Some races mix more easily than others
24 Jan What I dislike most about the BBC
24 Jan National identity: a myth to justify and help maintain the power structures of the nation state
23 Jan The 2012 Olympics: just ANOTHER distraction from the "Sustainability Problem"
22 Jan
20 Jan Defending the "moral high ground" by demonizing others as "racist"
18 Jan Two questions for the participants at this year's Davos Meeting
18 Jan Why does German Justice Minister want to make Holocaust denial a crime?
17 Jan The Internet's future effect on government and democracy
17 Jan The challenge of recognising the root cause of global warming
15 Jan The standard model of socio-economic reality is fundamentally flawed, self-deluding and self-serving
15 Jan The fast moving train of free-market capitalism is heading towards a broken bridge
13 Jan The myth of British identity, and dwelling on white men's guilt for slavery
13 Jan Gordon Brown's idea of "British identity" is not my own
12 Jan Politics and leadership from an evolutionary, anthropological perspective
8 Jan Higher status of lighter skin colour and the "melting pot" of multi-racial/multicultural society
4 Jan The social sciences' medieval models of social reality
1 Jan Identity, the nation state and ANARCHY
 - 06 -  
30 Dec Creating new, more enlightened religions
24 Dec Christianity, a dying religion. All we share now is FAITH in the POWER of MONEY
22 Dec The infotainment industry as an ecotope in the "socio-economic environment"
22 Dec  Is the BNP the ONLY alternative to the politics of mass immigration and multiculturalism?
20 Dec The importance of Latin for Western Civilization
17 Dec The importance of "race" for individual and group identity
3 Dec The Puerile logic of a national nuclear deterrent
29 Nov The need a multitude of religious societies with SUSTAINABILITY at their core
29 Nov What's more important: the colour of their money or their skin?
29 Nov Britain's nuclear deterrent: an incentive for nuclear proliferation
26 Nov What's wrong with sociology?
26 Nov The most important insight to be gained from human behaviour: not just men will be losers
24 Nov Transcending party politics and the nation state via the Internet
22 Nov On the rational road of nuclear deterrence - and proliferation
19 Nov The thing about the "truth"
19 Nov Am I mad, or is it the rest of the world that is mad?
18 Nov It is in man's "animal nature" to be dazzled by power
16 Nov The bigger something is the easier it is to see - but not in the case of the "Sustainability Problem"
15 Nov The demonization of native European identity as "racist"
15 Nov Global warming is just part of a more general "Sustainability Problem"
15 Nov Using the Internet to self-organize a better, and sustainable, society
14 Nov The relationship between family history and saving the planet
13 Nov Facing up to our animal nature, not just in biology, but in the social sciences too
13 Nov Crime, punishment and the self-righteousness of society's moralists
12 Nov Explaining the Telegraph's continuing denial of the "Sustainability Problem"
10 Nov The BBC as definer and defender of "Britishness"
8 Nov More than just a family history
7 Nov The struggle for identity and belonging in multi-racial/multicultural Britain
6 Nov Stepping outside the box to take a look at the "Sustainability Problem"
6 Nov The importance of personal identity and of an easy, reliable means of verifying it
5 Nov The City of London's money is made from plundering our planet
5 Nov Evidence of mankind's animal origins and continued domination by his animal nature
3 Nov Why I - and the Greens, I think - reject nuclear energy
3 Nov ANYONE who doesn't share certain "progressive" views is a "racist"
3 Nov Potential of Web to facilitate "self-organization" of an alternative, sustainable society
2 Nov Science, a product of our higher, human nature, has been hijacked by our lower, animal nature
31 Oct Was "multicultural society" what Britain's war heroes fought and died for?
31 Oct A Kosovo type problem in Britain in years to come and the need to rethink power structures of nation state
30 Oct Are politicians at long last really facing up to the challenge of climate change?
30 Oct The melting pot ends here! But opponents of multicultural society are "enemies of the state"
29 Oct Call for Voluntary National DNA Database
27 Oct Is society influenced more by mankind's human nature or by his animal nature?
27 Oct The history of ideas (the subtitle of Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time) is "hideously white"
27 Oct The BBC, multicultural society and the melting pot
23 Oct Mass immigration of cheap labour into Britain and the social problems it causes
23 Oct Film and TV provide nice niches in the "socio-economic environment"
23 Oct Love of money is love of power is what the human ape is programmed to pursue
22 Oct The threat posed by militant Islam to the future of Muslims in Europe
22 Oct  "Xenophobia" and "racism" are misused to suppress opposition to change
21 Oct Earth's "Greatest Ape" on view in the City of London
19 Oct Jonathan Freedland hits Britain's multi-culti madness on the head
19 Oct Humans did not evolve to live in modern society
18 Oct People with shared concept of God, etc. coming together to form religeous societies
17 Oct Daily Telegraph's Charles Moore in denial of non-sustainability of Western lifestyles and lifestyle aspirations
17 Oct On the madness of mass immigration, multi-culti society and the "melting pot"
17 Oct Who is responsible for the tragic saga of baby Charlotte? Follow the money . . .
16 Oct Nuclear double standards and governments' desire for global "street cred"
12 Oct Social welfare - just another part of the "socio-economic environment" to be exploited
12 Oct A call for desegregation as Britain adopts America's "melting pot" ideology
12 Oct Multi-cultural society: the initial, transitionary stage of the "melting pot"
11 Oct Thoughts on the meaning of marriage in modern Britain
10 Oct North Korea joins the Nuclear Club
10 Oct Nuclear double standards
7 Oct "New Britishness" and the inferiority complex of many blacks and Muslims
1 Oct Are Evolution and "Intelligent Design" necessarily contradictory?
11 Sept 9/11 and other "insanities of normality" in our mad, mad, mad world
10 Sept Taking a biological rather than a social view of human history
8 Sept Sustainability: what went wrong - and why?
24 Aug The need to talk without fear of what we think or feel being condemned as "racist"
20 Aug The vital lesson to be leaned from the tobacco racketeers
19 Aug The rising tide of mixed-race people
19 Aug Evolution and intelligent design: mutually exclusive?
18 Aug Science is power, which is why politicians love it so much
15 Aug The BBC, the ideology of the "melting pot" and why we are so afraid of our own xenophobia
14 Aug Ethnic minority representation on British TV
29 July You led us into this mess, now you want to lead us out; all you really want is to "lead"
22 July Never mind comparing our DNA. What we have in common with chimps and Neanderthaler is all too evident in our dumb-animal behaviour!
22 July Now we have the technology, it is time to create a much higher quality, grass-roots democracy
17 July The decision on Trident is about far more than Britain's nuclear deterrent
12 July Manipulation of human fertility reinforces need for a citizen "identity file" and pedigree
8 July  Whose history are "we" interested in?
26 June A self-assessment of Europeans, the Great White Ape (Homo stupidus economicus)
26 June America's dependency on oil, after 30 years of living in denial
24 June  Not just the Bush Administration is in denial about the implications of global warming
15 June What's happened to Wembley - my old home town?
12 June In defence of the taboo against inter-racial marriage
5 June AIDS and global warming: "Nature's way" of dealing with human stupidity
30 May The folly of equating racial stereotyping with "racism"
22 May Turkey does not belong to Europe - Russia does
22 May An important reminder of our animal origins
17 May Evidence of man's animal origins - and threatened end
13 May Giving airtime to lobbyists who would undermine environmental concerns
3 May Recognising the root cause of our biggest problems
27 April The truth is that oil is a stolen good
27 April The 20th anniversary of Chernobyl
27 April Cunning evolved to help us in the struggle for survival and advantage
25 April American lawn mowers and the fate of our planet
21 April "Economic forces" are located in man's animal nature
21 April Heretics, counter-revolutionaries and racists
20 April The real problem with the rich is the unsustainable example they set
20 April Economy, ecology, sustainability and a case of misplaced priorities
18 April Am I tempted to vote for the British National Party?
13 April Apollo 13, executive compensation and Spaceship Earth
10 April The animal nature of executive compensation
9 April As Darwin's champions you are missing the most important point
7 April The Mayor of London's City for an Asian Century
6 April Why is America not facing up to the challenge of global warming and sustainability?
1 April  Time for a BBC Native Network
1 April Attitudes towards (the thought of) having mixed-race grandchildren
31 March A time beyond race ?
31 March The Archbishop of Canterbury and God's judgement of those responsible for global warming
30 March My response to The Independent's call for readers' suggestions on climate change
28 March  Executed victims of Great War criminals in no need of a pardon
24 March Why it is so difficult to question our unsustainable economy
22 March Questioning the basis of our unsustainable economy, before we wreck the planet (and our children's future) completely
20 March The need for a "black civilisation"
18 March The Anthropology of Sustainability in Modern Civilisation
13 March James Lovelock's irrational advocacy of nuclear energy
13 March The automobile industry is like a CANCER eating into the fabric of the biosphere
10 March The psychology and ideology of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism
8 March There is no more important post than Environment Minister
1 March Being enthusiastic about competition and globalisation when it is not one's own job that is on the line
28 Feb Evolution doesn't only have something to say about where we came from, but also about where we are and where we are going . . .
28 Feb Our children are really going to love us!
17 Feb Self-hate can change an "anti-racist" into a "racist" in the wink of an eye
13 Feb Betraying their country for a story
11 Feb Giving the natives a TV and radio channel of their own
8 Feb The relationship between the natural and our artificial socio-economic environment
7 Feb Our "moral disengagement" from the consequences of our unsustainable economy and lifestyles
2 Feb Not just America is addicted (and not just) to oil
1 Feb At least let us try to achieve sustainability
30 Jan Exxon Mobil's  immoral earnings
29 Jan Frustrating Nature's attempts to help us by reducing the birth rate
27 Jan  A natural tendency towards institutional racism
26 Jan Creolisation: Thinking NOT Allowed
24 Jan Our addiction, not just to the motor car
20 Jan Wisdom-guided intelligence applied to our "addiction problem "
20 Jan Sustainability: an addiction problem
14 Jan The positive side to Asia's bias for baby boys
14 Jan Short, online submission to Conservative Party's Quality of Life Policy Group
12 Jan Social science and the "insanities of normality"
10 Jan Darwin's modern bulldog, Richard Dawkins', "Religion, the root of all evil?"
9 Jan Not just a political, but also an actual animal: Earth's "Greatest Ape "
8 Jan Collective denial of our addiction to an unsustainable economy and lifestyles
7 Jan The case for a voluntary national DNA database
6 Jan My people
5 Jan A radical reappraisal of our situation aboard Spaceship Earth
2 Jan Simply tut-tutting grotesque wealth differentials is not enough
1 Jan Hamish McRae's unsustainable economics

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