Re: Self-hate can change an "anti-racist" into a "racist" in the wink of an eye
Date: Friday, 17 February 06

Dear Martin,
Why do you express such hate and contempt for your fellow Europeans? If you were to do the same towards any other race of people you'd condemn yourself as a "racist"! (Europe's contempt for other cultures).
Actually, I can understand it. Because I sometimes feel the same way myself, seeing my own race of "stupid white men" as the most disgusting and contemptible race on earth. And there is some (perhaps a lot) of truth in it, of course; certainly in the way many Europeans have behaved, but with no less contempt and brutality towards their own people as towards others.

But self-hate is not good. It fact, it is very bad, and can all too easily turn into hate of others, changing an "anti-racist" into a "racist" in the wink of an eye.

At the end of the day, we are who we are, and we need to learn to love ourselves - warts an' all. And that includes our own race - our super-extended family - because that is where we come from and where our roots are.
Actually, as Europeans, we don't just have much to be ashamed of, but also a great deal to be proud of, not just but especially in respect to  science and technology, without which the world would still be living in the middle ages, or in some parts, the stone age.
Unless science and technology had developed in China or India instead - but would they have used the power it gave them any more humanely than Europeans did? Perhaps, but I suspect not.
Roger Hicks