To:    Everyone
Re:    The rising tide of mixed-race people
Date: Saturday, 19 August 06

If Europeans are to retain their racial identity (not pure, but such as it is) as ethnic Europeans and Europe's (indeed, the world's) cultural and ethnic diversity is not to disappear in a giant "melting pot" in the decades and centuries ahead, we need to develop civilized ways (which do not include South-African-type apartheid or southern-states-of-America-type segregation) of cultivating and maintaining them.
At the moment, particularly in Britain, the very opposite is happening: integration and assimilation, via the intermediate stage of multi-culturalism, are being energetically encouraged by the economy (which wants cheap labour), government (which wants ONE national identity), local authorities and the media, together with the self-interests and ideology of certain minority groups, and anyone who raises any objections (certainly if they are a member of the indigenous, native European population) is dismissed and condemned as a "racist".

Even writing as I am here will be condemned by some as "racist", understandably, perhaps, by people of mixed race, who have an obvious interest in the expansion of their own ethnic group and in a reduction of the dominant white majority, but also by an elite group of "white" ideologists (not just, but particularly strong amongst the political left and left-leaning media), whose motivations I'm still trying to understand, but who have succeeded (with the best of misguided intentions, I'm sure) in imposing their "melting pot", race-doesn't-matter ideology on the whole of society, not through open discussion and argument, but by intimidation : one word against immigration, multiracial/multicultural society or the "melting pot" and you're a "racist"!

What is wrong with people of mixed-race? Nothing whatsoever! Far from it (they contribute richly to man's ethnic diversity). But I don't want them to absorb all, or even any, indigenous races into themselves completely, thus diminishing rather than increasing ethnic diversity; besides which, they are not the ethnic group I happen to belong to and identify with myself (not withstanding some very nice and respected individuals among them whom I know personally); nor do I wish them to replace my own ethnic group of native Europeans as the numerically dominant ethnic group on these islands and this continent (being the original human inhabitants), which is what will happen eventually - within a few generations, the way things are going at the moment (optimistically assuming that we solve the "Sustainability Problem"), unless we stop allowing ourselves to be intimidated and start discussing the matter honestly and openly, in a humane and civilized (strictly non-derogatory, non-racist) fashion. What has been preventing this from happening up until now is that any discussion has been intruded upon and thus brought to an end, either by actual racists (who despise and are insulting towards other races and with whom no civilized person wants to be associated) or so-called "anti-racists" who define as "racist" anyone (i.e, any white person) with any sense of racial identity, which they wish to maintain and cultivate.

Perhaps ever-increasing racial homogenization is what most people want and is the way things will go. I'm not saying that it must not happen (that should be for individuals to freely decide for themselves), but that it should NOT be facilitated through intimidation, which is what is happening at the moment, and in its way is just as pernicious as apartheid and segregation laws once were. I suggest that this "melting pot" ideology is an extreme overreaction to such genuine expressions of racism, particularly to the insane racial ideology of the Nazis and its consequences, the shock of which, in our collective subconscious, we are still under. Instead of facing up to the implications openly and honesty, there has been a panic-stricken overreaction of "anti-racism", which condemns any acknowledgement of racial difference or identity as racist (at least by white people, which is what the Nazis were) .

My arguments against the "melting pot" are not racist (not withstanding its exceptional cultural achievements, I don't think my own race superiour to any other, nor do I feel any hate towards other races), but born of a particular love and attachment to, and identification with, my own European race, and a strong desire for racial and cultural diversity, which globalisation, mass migrations and the ideology of the "melting pot" are destroying.