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expressing the author's views on mass
immigration and the "melting pot" of multiracial/multicultural society


- 08 -

 Link  I have also contributed to numerous threads on the subject, especially at the Guardian's "Comment is free" website.  
2 Feb Understanding the MADNESS of multi-racial/multicultural society
10 Jan The "Triple  Alliance" between capital, the state, and the political left
- 07 -
17 Nov What the political Left has in common with the the far Right and with the medieval church 
5 Nov Power politics and the slur of "racism" in defence of the "moral high ground"
6 August On race, nationalism, identity, etc.
20 July Exploiting prejudice by interpreting it as racism
15 July State and economic interest in national and global miscegenation
11 July The folly of equating prejudice with RACISM
10 July Ban Ki-moon's MADNESS in encouraging mass migration
2 July The psychology behind  mass immigration and multi-racial/multicultural society
10 June The importance of Nazism and ethnicity for British national identity  
10 June The "racist mace" and how it is used for social, political or economic gain  
8 June Thinking about the reorganization and restructuring of society, and replacing the nation state  
4 June A warning to Muslims, the overreaction to Nazi evil, and the superficiality of "British identity"  
3 June Immigration and Britain's rapidly changing ethnic composition  
25 May You cannot compare America and Europe when it comes to immigrants and immigration  
23 May Denying the importance (if not existence) of race, and other insanities of normality  
11 May One possible source of so-called "race hatred"  
6 May An amnesty for illegal immigrants? Definitely not! (except for the one I've befriended)  
26 April Britain is already natively and unsustainably overpopulated  
29 March Xenophobia, familiaphilia, and not just race, nation or football team, but also ideologies as in-groups  
18 March The madness that opposes natural population decline  
21 Feb Ethnicity, history, identity and the State  
20 Feb Riding the capitalist dragon to our doom  
19 Feb How can race not matter, when it relates so profoundly to our own ancestral origins?  
30 Jan The Sun newspaper, "racism" and the illusion of British identity  
26 Jan By driving mass migration, globalization is destroying human, as well as bio, diversity  
25 Jan Why is "racism" blighting our societies?  
24 Jan Some races mix more easily than others  
24 Jan What I dislike most about the BBC  
24 Jan  
22 Jan  
20 Jan Defending the "moral high ground" by demonizing others as "racist"  
15 Jan The standard model of socio-economic reality is fundamentally flawed, self-deluding and self-serving  
13 Jan The myth of British identity and dwelling on white men's guilt for slavery  
13 Jan Gordon Brown's idea of "British identity" is not my own  
8 Jan Higher status of lighter skin colour and the "melting pot" of multi-racial/multicultural society  
1 Jan Identity, the nation state and ANARCHY  

- 06 -


22 Dec  Is the BNP the ONLY alternative to the politics of mass immigration and multiculturalism?  
17 Dec The importance of "race" for individual and group identity  
29 Nov What's more important: the colour of their money or their skin?  
15 Nov The demonization of native European identity as "racist"  
14 Nov The relationship between family history and saving the planet  
10 Nov The BBC as definer and defender of "Britishness"  
8 Nov More than just a family history  
7 Nov The struggle for identity and belonging in multi-racial/multicultural Britain  
3 Nov ANYONE who doesn't share certain "progressive" views is a "racist"  
31 Oct Was "multicultural society" what Britain's war heroes fought and died for?  
30 Oct The melting pot ends here! But opponents of multicultural society are "enemies of the state"  
27 Oct The history of ideas (the subtitle of Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time) is "hideously white"  
27 Oct The BBC, multicultural society and the melting pot  
23 Oct Mass immigration of cheap labour into Britain and the social problems it causes  
22 Oct The threat posed by militant Islam to the future of Muslims in Europe  
22 Oct "Xenophobia" and "racism" are misused to suppress opposition to change  
19 Oct Jonathan Freedland hits Britain's multi-culti madness on the head  
17 Oct On the madness of mass immigration, multi-culti society and the "melting pot"  
12 Oct A call for desegregation as Britain adopts America's "melting pot" ideology  
12 Oct Multi-cultural society: the initial, transitionary stage of the "melting pot"  
7 Oct "New Britishness" and the inferiority complex of many blacks and Muslims  
24 Aug The need to talk without fear of what we think or feel being condemned as "racist"  
19 Aug The rising tide of mixed-race people  
15 Aug The BBC, the ideology of the "melting pot" and why we are so afraid of our own xenophobia  
14 Aug Ethnic minority representation on British TV  
15 June What's happened to Wembley - my old home town?  
12 June In defence of the taboo against inter-racial marriage  
30 May The folly of equating racial stereotyping with "racism"  
22 May Turkey does not belong to Europe - Russia does  
21 April Heretics, counter-revolutionaries and racists  
18 April Am I tempted to vote for the British National Party?  
1 April  Time for a BBC Native Network  
1 April Attitudes towards (the thought of) having mixed-race grandchildren  
31 March A time beyond race ?  
20 March The need for a "black civilisation"  
10 March The psychology and ideology of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism  
17 Feb Self-hate can change an "anti-racist" into a "racist" in the wink of an eye  
11 Feb Giving the natives a TV and radio channel of their own  
27 Jan A natural tendency towards institutional racism  
26 Jan Creolisation: Thinking NOT Allowed  
6 Jan My people  

- 05 -


17 Dec The dangerous fantasy of "One Nation"  
6 Nov Europe, America and immigration  
27 Oct Race and identity  
10 Oct Racism and racial identity  
7 Oct Helping black people succeed  
21 Sept Institutional racism, or a natural tendency to identify with those most like ourselves?  
19 Sept In response to ZDF request for contributions to a "German Dream"  
4 August The ideology of multiracialism and multiculturalism in the service of our capitalist economy  
27 July  What does it mean to be British? What a load of piffle!  
14 May It's about IDENTITY, not "racism"  
11 May Confusing feelings of racial identity with "racism"  
28 April In defence of racial diversity  
14 April Whose history are WE talking about?  
14 March If diversity matters, so does race  
6 March Offensive language  
5 March Infidels, communists, fascists, racists and other baddies  
12 Feb Why immigration leads to emigration (warning: very non-PC)  
26 Jan Ethnic priorities  
26 Jan Increased immigration: essential for British and European prosperity and power?  

- 04 -

22 Dec A native European's perspective of Turkey's bid to join the EU  
15 Dec Why is a native Briton's need for ethnic identity always construed as racism?  
15 Dec Britain's and Europe's "hideously white" history  
18 Nov A letter to the PM on race and immigration  
16 Nov The Left are as screwed up about "race and immigration" as our Victorian forebears were about sex
15 Oct When immigrants commit serious crimes, don't jail them - just send them home!
7 Sept Why black boys fail
31 March Why, for heaven's sake, does an overcrowded Europe need immigration?!
26 Feb In defence of the right to tell and laugh at jokes that are non-PC
13 Feb The inherent roots of "institutional racism"
02 Feb Why I disagree with Kofi Annan about Europe's supposed need for immigration

- 2003 -

22 Oct Whether Britain may one day have too few whites to be a part of Europe?
23 Sept White man's world
8 Sept Race and immigration - from the perspective of a "Native Briton"
21 Aug Europe is not America, and race matters
8 Aug Confusing perspectives on race and immigration
24 July The American (a country of immigrants) view of immigration
24 June White middle class liberals place the "white man's burden" squarely on the shoulders of others
16 June Health tourism and asylum present same dilemma
2 June The immigration paradox and dilemma
27 Jan Even more immigration - No thank you!

- 2002 -

27 Dec Europe's declining birth rate is a blessing - not a problem!
26 April No "swamping" no problem. But there is
5 April The difference between America and Europe when it comes to immigration

- 2001 -

8 Sept. Immigration - from the point of view of an indigenous Briton  
19 April From the ideal of a "classless" to that of a "multicultural" society. Plus text of speech on immigration to the annual conference of the German Green Party (Stuttgart, 9 March 2001)  
18 April For the guardians of political correctness, just mentioning race is "racist"  
17 April  Race, immigration and political correctness
Non-PC_01: Leaving the English and the Welsh to it