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Re:   The "Triple  Alliance" between capital, the state, and the political left
Date: Thursday 10 January 08


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In response to "A black man in the White House would stop superior European posing", by Lionel Shriver.

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" . . . a black man in the White House . . . would put a . . . stop to superior European posing about how liberal and good and tolerant and sophisticated they are in comparison to all those bigoted, retrograde American bumpkins . . . "

This quote from the above article seems to confirm what I have long suspected: that the madness of mass immigration (into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country) and the creation of a multi-racial/multicultural melting pot and potential powder keg in place of our once ethnically and culturally relatively homogenous, stable and cohesive society, were driven, in part at least, by Anglo-American rivalry on the political (liberal) left as to who were the most "progressive" in implementing the post-WW2 ideology of "colourblindness", an overreaction to the Nazi's insane and abhorrent racial ideology, which insists that race does not exist, or if it does, is of no social or political irrelevance, except for "racists".

It was an ideological overreaction which has since been consolidated by political and economic opportunism, creating a "Triple Alliance" between capital (only interested in the "colour of your money"), the state, and the political left, the latter two emphasizing and making sacred the ideology of "colourblindness" in order to lay claim to the "moral high ground", and the power that goes with it. Between them they formed the modern-day equivalent of the medieval alliance of aristocracy and church, one side relying mainly on the power of the sword (today, money), the other on the power of the "word" (ideology and the "moral high ground"), in the (Darwinian) struggle for advantage in the "socio-economic environment" of the modern world.