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he political Left has in common with the the far Right and with the medieval church
Date: Saturday 17 November  07


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In response to a Guardian article by Dave Hill gloating over the successful imposition of leftwing multi-culti ideology on the British population.

Link to article and thread which follows it at the Guardian.
I'm pleased to see at least a few critical and dissenting posts amongst this otherwise pretty nauseating celebration of "progressive" Liberal-Left self-righteousness.
After sleeping on it, I realised who it is that Dave's self-satisfied and self-promoting article reminds me of: Eric Honecker, the former Communist Party leader of East Germany, or one of his supporters, who were also immensely (and of course, quite sincerely) proud of what they and their party had inflicted in their own country and people. Not that Dave or his supporters will understand the comparison, anymore than Eric Honeker and his supporters would have done, all of them being so completely wrapped up in and convinced of their own ideological world view.
What motivates those on the "progressive" Liberal-Left to impose their ideology, their vision of society, and the social engineering necessary for it (I'm thinking of mass immigration and the multiracial/multicultural "melting pot" it has created), on the rest of reluctant society, where they do not have the obvious economic interests that capital does, but with which, ironically, they have allied themselves?
Is it really - as they claim and no doubt believe themselves - the noble desire for human betterment, or rather, which I strongly suspect, the animal desire and satisfaction of imposing THEIR will on others? Whether it be the "classless society" that the Left has effectively given up on, or the "raceless (multi-mass miscegenating) society", which has taken its place as their ideological goal, what matters is that they are imposing THEIR will, rationalised and justified, of course, as the way of social "progress" and enlightened human development.
What the far Left and the far Right have in common is the drive to impose their OWN will on the rest of society, with force, if need be.They just come at it from different directions and with different, covering ideologies.
The political Left has much in common with the medieval church too, it seems to me, with their ideology and power transcending national borders, and their claims to moral superiority and leadership. And as with medieval clerics and lay fanatics, their occupation of the "moral high ground" is not just a source of personal satisfaction and superiority, but also binds them to an ideological "us group" and is of considerable political, social and economic advantage.
I'm posting these ideas, not as my own ideological truth (I'm not sure enough of myself for that), but to be chewed over and tasted, by Dave and his supporters too, I hope.
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Well done, [misteruseless], for your advice on solving the formatting problem, and thank you! One can easily forget how important formatting is.

I think (although Dave and his supporters will deny it, of course, even to themselves) that many amongst the native population, especially whose of us who remember former times, are "seething" at what Dave and his "progressive", leftwing friends - in unlikely coalition with new and old capital and with the institutions of the state - have inflicted upon them with mass immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country, and with the creation of a multi-racial/multicultural melting-pot society. It is just that most are too fearful, or too polite (or, more likely, some combination of the two) to give expression to it outside the secure and familiar circle of close friends and family, since we all know what happens to those who do . . . .

The generation which fought to defeat Fascism (and GENUINE, Nazi racism) and then worked to create a better, more just, humane and prosperous Britain, based on social responsibility and solidarity, were betrayed from all sides, right across the political spectrum, from left to right. I know, because my own, not untypical, parents were amongst them. They trusted the establishment, successive governments, the unions, the media, even British business, to at least respect their fundamental interests, but instead they were sold down the river by their fellow countrymen, just as Africans were sold into slavery by fellow Africans - betrayed, and beaten (although the mere threat was usually sufficient) with the ideological stick of "anti-fascism" and "anti-racism" if they dared complain publically about it.

Dave doesn't recognise my analysis at all, of course, any more than Eric Honecker would have recognised an honest analysis of conditions in East Germany.

Although many do not recognise the betrayal - just as many Russians were (or still are) unable to recognise or accept the truth about Stalin - or see only the tip of the iceberg, with so much official and unofficial propaganda denying it, it is no wonder that those who do recognise it, even unclearly, are "seething".

I have done my share of "seething", but seething doesn't get you anywhere, certainly nowhere I want to go (i.e. on the road to violence or depression), so instead I am trying to understand what is going on here: why this MADNESS and unwitting betrayal by one's own brethren in the name of social "progress"?

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[attempt]: ". . . . the majority of Britons are feeling as if their institutions are ignoring their strong emotions, and when that happens people tend to take matters into their own hands. And that gets ugly."

The primary purpose of the state and its institutions is not, and never has been, to serve "the people", but to exploit them. This may sound like loony-left ideology, but in fact is a clear consequence of Darwin's theory of evolution and human origins. It is just that for various reasons (which need to be understood) it has been ignored, suppressed or denied. It is time we DID take things into our own hands (which, thanks to the Internet and other technology, we now have the means to actually DO).

There is no reason why things should "get ugly", unless those defending the status quo, including the power structures of the state, choose to make it so. The revolution I have in mind will be grassroots democratic (people taking things into their own hands) and non-violent.