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Facing up to  man's threat to himself: continuing the analogy
Food for thought: more money for the car, less for food
The "rat race" and global warming
Facing up to  man's threat to himself
Wind, by the way, is an inexhaustible, emission-free source of energy 
Forget all the recounts and litigation. What's needed is a revote! 
Elected to Parliament by 14% of the electorate - Some democracy!
The Florida stalemate: a historical perspective (to NYT)
Wondering what Priestley and Franklin would make of the Florida recount
The Florida stalemate requires a state-wide revote
The Florida stalemate requires a new state-wide election (to NYT)
Janet Daley's rantings against Al Gore
Who is being unreasonable: Gore or Bush? 
Recognising limits - and cod is just the beginning!
Growling over the presidential bone - Florida too close to call
Thank you Bill Clinton - and good riddance! 
The wisest Prince we have ever had
Israel's lost peace
Commenting on ET's comments on global warming
Bedazzled and beguiled by the motorcar
A morbid fear of death that outlaws suicide even as an act of humanity
Harry Potter (and the ugly face of capitalism?)
Our ONLY priority should be the environment
In appreciation of Britain's unarmed police 
Money is power and power corrupts 
Incitement to murder (Allah's call to kill one's enemies)
Cars for country folk and car(e)free cities
Immoral morals in respect to marriage an money
A Parent's right to decide (the case of Jodie and Mary)
The roots of non-sustainability go deep
A bigger threat to mankind than any asteroid
Fuel tax = ecotax = a way of steering us towards sustainability 
Concorde, the epitome of non-sustainability!
Shrinking populations are not a threat but a godsend 
Jack Straw setting a good example for bad behaviour
The Princes William and Harry a mistake?
Attachments endanger the economy
Fining the tobacco industry is hardly justice
Two pernicious viruses: AIDS and Non-sustainability
Who is the bigger thief?
Plundering Planet Earth - a letter to the New York Times
British injustice
Putting ecology before economy and re-establishing agriculture as our most vital and important industry
The sinking of the Belgrano: a necessary act of war, or political murder? 
Why we need to join the euro 
Waking up to the reality of a finite Earth and the limits to motorisation and air travel
Recognising our roots: Britain's place in Europe
"American success" and the misguided role of competition
The need for an international missile defence system and for resisting 

Russian aspirations to superpower status
In my opinion: government bodies need more access to confidential business and financial information
British villains: For Hollywood truth is a commodity like any other, to be manufactured and adapted to suit the market
Union of the lie (tobacco workers' union fights for right to supply strong cigs)
Failing to recognise evil when it is staring us in the face 
The evilness of promoting cigarettes 
The soul of Britain: on religion and the need for a "higher authority"
Learning from our nuclear mistakes before proceeding with GMO
Listening to Prince Charles, instead of ridiculing him
Death of an editor who made a "success" of the Sun
Royal wisdom - why we need a precautionary approach to "progress"
Royal sense: woolly-headed or not!
Your man in Berlin!
"Sending off" speeding drivers rather than punishing them! 
Tackling the real culprit of road deaths
The Prime Minister has good reason for concern that the rapid succession of technological developments could destabilise society.
Ken Livingstone's claim that "international capitalists killed more people than Hitler" is not without an element of truth.
 Money makes the world go round and - if we are not careful - down!
The shame for Bill and the same for us
One rule for Pinochet, another for Myra Hindley
Assisting Russia's military ambitions
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