To: Electronic Telegraph <>
Re: Tolerating "incitement to murder" in the name of multicultural Britain
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000

Dear Sir,

After reading the article in today's Telegraph about an Islamic extremist defending a leaflet and poster campaign exhorting British Muslims to "kill the Jews", I followed the link you provided to Al-Muhajiroun, where I read that organisation's "Advice and warning to all Jews and Muslims in the UK" (Extremist backs 'kill Jews' poster, 19 October 2000).

It is a blatant warning to anyone supporting Israel in word or deed that they are legitimate targets for Muslims, who are exhorted to kill them. It is an incitement to murder.

The author should be held accountable, and if he is unable or unwilling rescind, he should locked up or thrown out of the country. He can go and live in one of the Islamic countries that tolerates such behaviour.

Or are threats and incitement to murder something we are expected to tolerate in "multicultural" Britain?

Hopefully Jack Straw will give a very clear signal that it will not be tolerated.