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- 2000 -
27 March A matter of biological fact, rather than human morals  
25 March Please stop bullying our man in Berlin!  
23 March Response to attack on Prince Charles for opposing GM crops  
16 March The futility of trying to teach children about sexuality   
14 March Why petrol should be expensive  
14 March "Zero tolerance" towards speeding  
13 March For a ban on gimmicky sales tricks, such as "two for the price of one"  
10 March Time to introduce a "maximum wage"  
06 March Questioning the presumed right to sell a story  
06 March Not Angela Merkel but Helmut Kohl who is guilty of "betrayal"  
12 February Devolution as an expression of Britain's more advanced civilisation  
11 February One (English)man's view of the Union   
11 February The right to a satisfying job  
31 January Treating literature as a competive sport -  a sad sign of our times  
11 January Mistaking a blessing for a problem: As the population of Western Europe declines, the last thing it needs is to encourage immigration.  
9 January Zero tolerance before instead of "life" after the event.  
- 1999 -
21 December On the road to extinction (if the new transpost minster gets his way)  
15 December Possible preview of the Conservative Party's next advertising campaign  
14 December NFU's shameful defence of industrial farming methods  
7 December Continuation of previous topic  
7 December Farmers: dispensable, contemptible beggars in a high-tech economy  
5 December In defense and appreciation of NASA.  
4 December Paying pupils to go to school.  
30 November Let us all volunteer our DNA in the fight against violent crime.  
23 November Let's not just ban advertising aimed at children, but ALL advertising!  
18 November Putting sustainability before growth: not a subject of the Queen's Speech.
18 November  The indignity of a royal puppet: observations on the Queen's Speech.  
31 October Response to news that the tobacco industry has succeeded in halting government plans to ban cigarette advertising prior to EU legislation.  
26 October Resonse to a letter to the editor suggesting that Melita Norwood "should swing" for spying for the Soviet Union.  
25 October Response to letter about Britain and America being "family"  
16 October Why bother to learn a foreign language if you already speak English?  
15 October Response to letter defending America's right to resume nuclear tests.  
14 October Terror is terror is a crime - especially when committed by your forces  
11 October "Putting ecology before the economy" Response to report on the Prime Minister's plans to disband the UK Panel on Sustainable Development.  
25 September Response to a letter saying how wonderful and indispensible cars are.  
10 September Police caught in their own speed trap, come out laughing.
07 September Speeding, just a cavalier's offence - until you kill someone.  
06 September Society's share of responsibility for the crimes of paedophiles.  
 21 July Smoking kills an estimated 3 million people worldwide every year, making its promotion no less evil than dealing in hard drugs.   
 16 April Partying on Spaceship Earth   
04 April Green Defence spokesperson turns reality on its head and sides with Milosevic   
27 March NATO - military arm of democratic world   
6 March Immoral earnings of a "goer" Response to an article on Monica Lewinsky  
16 February The RISKS relating to GM crops  
14 January When reporting a court case can prevent justice being done  
- 1998 -
31 July In defense of the transport minister's call for people to make less use of their cars