Anthony van Leeuwenhoek  (one of the first and most renowned microscopists) 

  Observations concerning little animals observed in rain-, well-, sea- and snow-water 

  Microscopical observations about animals in the scurf of the teeth

Turbevill Needham (a proponent of "spontaneous genereation") 

  Observations on the generation, composition, and decomposition of animal and vegetable substances (1748) 

Lazaro Spallanzani (an opponent of "spontaneous genereation") 

  Tracts on the nature of animals and vegetables; observations and experiments upon 
      the animalcula of infusions (1799)

Theodore Schwann 

  Preliminary report on experiments concerning alcoholic fermentation and putrefaction (1837)

Charles Cagniard-Latour 

  Memoir on alcoholic fermentation (1838)

Justis Liebig

  Concerning the phenomena of fermentation, putrefaction, and decay, and their causes (1839)

Louis Pasteur
  Report on the lactic acid fermentation (abstract,  1857)
  Memoir on the alcoholic fermentation (1860)
  Animal infusoria living in the absence of free oxygen, and the fermentations they bring about (1861)