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Why does the US hate my Mexican heritage?

by Gaby Wood, 07/06/09


07 Jun 09, 7:05am (removed by moderation)

Why does the US hate my Mexican heritage?

In other words, why are European-Americans so "racist", i.e. evil and inhuman. Although, from what I hear, African-Americans tend to be even less welcoming of Latinos.

Closer to the truth, I suggest, is that Americans tend not to "embrace" your Mexican heritage, and with it, you personally, or the people you identify with, as unreservedly as you would like, which your brain subconsciously interprets as rejection, evoking feelings of hatred in you, which you then proceed to project onto Americans in general.

Thus, it is YOU, Gaby, who are the "hater", I suggest, as those quick to call others "racists" so often are.

Or perhaps there's another explanation for Gaby's accusations of hate and racism: the desire (perhaps the professional need) to display her commitment to the "progressive" (in my view, liberal-fascist) ideology of "colourblindness", of "indifference to ethnic difference", of "race doesn't matter", i.e. is of no social or political significance, except to evil "racists".

Because of their lack of indifference to ethnic difference (in this instant, relating to Mexicans), Gaby is accusing her own ethnic group (I'm assuming that she is white) of "racism", which is how "progressives" pursue social, political and economic advantage for themselves, by claiming the "moral high ground", along with the jobs (especially in politics and the media) and the many other advantages that go with it.