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Because so many of my comments to Cif are now "moderated", I have now
taken to publishing them all (censored and uncensored) here.


27/10/09 Our love/hate relationship with the state (posted to my BLOG)
27/10/09 Madeline Bunting, on original thinking [about archaeology and the meaning of "indigenous"] (Link to post)
26/10/09 Where Gary Younge sees "class struggle", I see a misplaced, perverted and unrecognised Darwinian struggle between individuals (Link to post)
22/10/09 Can the BNP define 'British'? Asks Dave Hill (Link to post)
21/10/09 "All is hubris", writes Simon Jenkins; because we refuse to recognise our own, misplaced and perverted, Darwinian nature, say I (Link to post)
20/10/09 It's the state's own misconceived ideology of "colourblindness" that, because unrecognised, is the most dangerous form of extremism (Link to post)
20/10/09 The false political dichotomy created by the state to benefit its elites (Link to post)
19/10/09 My question, prompted by Sunny Hundal, for Nick Griffin of the BNP (Link to post)
19/10/09 Homo darwini's  (Darwinian man's) dumb animal pursuit of nuclear energy (Link to post)
18/10/09 State ideology of "colourblindness" has replaced medieval church ideology (Link to post)
18/10/09 On racial purity and identity (Link to post)
17/10/09 Pakistan, the privatised state: a Darwinian, evolutionary perspective (Link to post)
17/10/09 Society: our TRIBE, or an ENVIRONMENT to be exploited . . ? (Link to post)
16/10/09 No excuse for racial bigotry - except when practiced by the Guardian's Cif "moderation" (Link to post)
16/10/09 The Darwinian nature of "Bankers' bonuses" 02, in response to article by Simon Jenkins (Link to post) 
16/10/09 The Darwinian nature of "Bankers' bonuses" 01, in response to Guardian editorial (Link to post)
15/10/09 Race matters, and it is not for the state to tell us it doesn't . . .   (Link to post)
14/10/09 Criticism, from a Darwinian perspective, of Rowan Williams', "The ecocidal moment" (Link to censored post)
11/10/09 Understanding the financial and economic crash, by Ruth Sunderland (Link to censored and uncensored post)
10/10/09 Michelle Obama in black and white, by Lola Adesioye (Link to uncensored post)

Tune into our racist culture war, live on primetime TV, by Marina Hyde (Link to uncensored post)


A Darwinian perspective on religion (Link to censored post)


Libertarianism on the rise? by Henry Porter (Link to censored post)

20/09/09 The issue of race is in America exposes the contradiction between STATE and NATION (Link to censored post)
20/09/09 The Copenhagen Conference, a distraction from the underlying, Darwinian, cause of our problems (Link to censored post)
17/08/09 Is there any point in fighting to stave off industrial apocalypse? (Link to censored posts)
16/08/09 Editorial: Put your trust in Socrates, not economists (Link to censored post)
15/08/09 State welfare and health care in conflict with man's tribal nature (Link to censored post)
15/08/09 The state exists to facilitate the self-exploitation of society - so, when "Big health flexes its lobbying muscle, democracy quivers".  (Link to censored post)
13/08/09 Identity, tribe, nation and state welfare/health care (Link to deleted post)
13/08/09 A safe haven for the super-rich (Link to deleted post)

The narcissism of consumer society by Madeleine Bunting (Link to deleted post)

23/07/09 A force of nature: our influential Anthropocene period (Link to deleted post)
17/07/09 Science needs more Apollos (Link to deleted post)
17/07/09 Time to boldly go once more (Link to deleted posts)
16/07/09 Why the state subjects its citizens to constant suspicions of paedophilia and "racism" (Link)
28/06/09 Why I wouldn't ban BNP members from being teachers by Nick Cohen (Link to deleted posts)
23/06/09 These bankers are pariahs, by Polly Toynbee  (Link to deleted posts)


Bigotry in Belfast (Link to deleted posts)


Why does the US hate my Mexican heritage? (Link to deleted post)


 The real threat to our liberties (Link to deleted post)


Bad news, the BNP says I don't exist (Link to deleted post)


Where is Mr Right (Link to deleted post)


Reaching for the stars by Inayat Bunglawala (Link to deleted post)


Where will we find the perfect Muslim for monocultural Britain? by Gary Younge (Link to deleted posts)


Enemies of free speech online are everywhere, by Jo Glanville, 14/03/09 (Link to censored posts)


How free is speech, by Ian Buruma  (Link to censored post)


A nation of cowards on race? by Gabrielle Gurley (Link to censored post)


Apparently, I'm not British, by Sunny Hundal (Link to censored post)


Our culture of wasting food will one day leave us hungry by Alex Renton (Link to censored post)


The Hierarchy of Welcomehood, by Joseph Harker (Link to censored post)


The knives are out for Davos Man, by Timothy Garton Ash (Link to deleted post)


Not so clever, Trevor by Joseph Harker  (Link to deleted post)


From the ashes of Gaza by Tariq Ali (Link to deleted post)


Barking Madness by Adam Bienkov (Link to deleted post)


The prospect of another lost generation is a chilling one by Polly Toynbee (Link to deleted post)


Ignorance is no excuse by Cath Elliott (Link to deleted post)


The Problem of Evil, by David Wilson (Link to deleted post)


America is showing Europe the way again by Keith Richburg (Link to posts, which in the meantime, much to Cif's credit (and credibility), have been reinstated)


I vote for universal healthcare by Jean Hannah Edelstein (Link to deleted post)


Business as usual for police racists by Claudia Webbe (Link to deleted posts)


The future belongs to us by Jon Cruddas ( (Link to deleted post)


Democrats: They came to see history in the making,  by Gary Younge (Link to deleted posts)


One minute most people are charming, the next the human race seems like nature's freak mistake, by Michele Hanson (Link)


It's no surprise that the BNP's rise and New Labour's demise are linked, by Gary Younge (Link to deleted posts)


Ditch the racist narrative, by Sunny Hundal  (Link to deleted posts)