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Comment I posted on the following thread, which actually DID
make it past the "moderation"

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Understanding the financial and economic crash

by Ruth Sunderland, 11/10/09

. . we look to art, not economics, for an answer [to the current economic crisis] . .

The answer actually lies in evolutionary biology, as applied to humankind, and the unrecognized reality of our socioeconomic order of state and economy being the product, not of "rational man", as we like to suppose and deceive ourselves into believing, but of "Darwinian man", who, massively facilitated by the invention and development of that instrument we call MONEY, and rationalized by his prodigious mental powers, ruthlessly and perversely exploits, not just his natural, as nature intended, but also the artificial environment of his OWN society, in a misplaced and perverted continuation of his primordial Darwinian struggle for survival, advantage and "success", now largely reduced to the pursuit and exercise of POWER, i.e. money, the moral high ground, social and professional status, etc.

2nd Post (which didn't make it past the censor, i.e. "moderation")

[lazymindsdislike], Like most people, you are rationalizing our Darwinian nature and the socioeconomic order it has given rise to.

If I understand you correctly, you think that I'm advocating a brutal form of Darwinian politics and economics, but I'm not. I'm pointing out the ACTUAL perverted Darwinian nature of our social, political and economic system, which we are in collective denial of, but which goes a long way to explaining most the problems (social, political, economic and environmental, some of them existential) we are now struggling with.

We evolved to cooperate within the social framework of our extended family group or tribe, which the state fraudulently claims to be the legitimate heir of, thereby facilitating its role in managing society's self-exploitation to the advantage of its dominant and privileged elites.


[lazymindsdislike]'s post (11 Oct 09, 10:49am), which I was responding to:

Rogerhicks...The Darwin model talks about "best nish adapted life!" not distant elitism, who is a form of social autistic self hurt and destruction.The Smith theorem of greed as base of human drive (that for capitalism) has been proven neurologically wrong in many researches in between. Our human surviving optimum as specie has been and will remain collaboration and sharing of resources...not narcissistic megalomania. The human potential is far wider than being restrained to passive oral consumerism and mindless show off.