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The first comment was allowed through, but the second one was censored,
hardly because it was "off-topic".

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The Hierarchy of Welcomehood

by Joseph Harker, 05/02/09

06 Feb 09, 10:36am (about 3 hours ago)

The ultimate question is: what are our politicians, leading civic figures and our media doing to try to eradicate the bigoted views above, and to neutralise the difference in attitudes towards the groups, so that individuals from all backgrounds can be treated equally when entering or remaining in this country?

Thus spoke Mr. Cosmopolitan . . . for the complete cosmopolitanization (globsalisation) of society, in which he sees his own interests optimally served, along with those of state and capital.

2nd Post (blocked by the censor)

In my first post I called Joseph Harker, "Mr Cosmopolitan", but on reflection I realised my mistake. He is not a true cosmopolitan (assuming there is such a thing), but a very selective and opportunistic one.

I hope he will put me right if I'm misjudging him, but my impression is that he has a strong sense of black identity with people of African or part-African origin, which he wants the rest of society to be completely open to. Yet I very much doubt that he identifies with my ethnic group of native (white) Europeans anymore than I do with his.

 I hasten to add that I'm referring to groups and group identity, not individuals, who, first and foremost, are all human beings, of course - a cause of much confusion in our confused times.