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Apparently, I'm not British

by Sunny Hundal, 27/02/09


"I wish someone (the UN?) would start issuing symbolic "world citizen" passports. I'll be first in the queue for one."

Sounds nice in theory, but some how I cannot imagine a "world citizen passport", i.e. citizenship, offering all the perks and benefits that British citizenship, for example, does.

But tell me, [KhaledDiab], and you [Sunny], don't you sometime feel even just a twinge of guilt for gatecrashing, albeit with the permission of its ruling elites, someone else's civilisation . . ?

Sometimes I try to imagine advanced technological and democratic civilisation having developed in Africa or Asia, instead of in Europe, and millions of Europeans and others streaming over there to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits . . . how well they'd be received in countries like Pakistan and India, for example . . . . Not that I can really imagine their governments being so insane as to allow it.