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Comments in response to an article by Tamara Winfrey Harris:

No excuse for racial bigotry


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I responded to the following comment by avispa (who unfortunately has no profile or contact info at Cif), which was then removed by the moderation. Thus, here I present both his censored comment, and my own:


16 Oct 09, 6:22pm (this was his 2nd attempt to post his comment, which was also quickly removed by the "moderation", but not before ' I'd made a copy)


Facts are sacred or are certain facts verboten?

This was deleted by the moderators:

We really should think of the children and not just about the possibility of divorce.

A US survey on the victims of crime shows that biracial persons are at much greater risk of violence than single race persons.

This violence occurs at the hands of relatives, acquaintances and strangers.

Victimization rate by victim-offender relationship, by type of crime and selected victim characteristics - Rate per 1,000 persons age 12 and over:

Victims of crimes of violence by relatives:
White only: 1.7, Black only: 2.1, Two or more races: 18.8 (11 times as high as white only)

Victims of crimes of violence by persons well known to the victim:
White only: 4.6, Black only: 7.6, Two or more races: 21.2 (4.6 times as high as white only)

Victims of crimes of violence by casual acquaintances:
White only: 2.9, Black only: 3.4, Two or more races: 8.4 (2.9 times as high as white only)

Victims of crimes of violence by strangers:
White only: 9.5, Black only: 10.4, Two or more races: 30.8 (3.2 times as high as white only)

Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005 Statistical Tables
(pages 19 and 48)

There seem to be a lot of problems with mixed race (black/white) children compared with single race children:

Strikingly, on fifteen out of the twentyone variables relating to bad behavior mixed race adolescents exhibit worse behavior than both of their single race counterparts. Behavior at school by mixed race adolescents generally mirrors that of blacks, except with regard to exerting effort and skipping school two dimensions on which mixed race children are significantly worse than blacks. The bad behavior of mixed race children stands out even more clearly outside of school. With the exception of watching television (which blacks do more of), mixed race adolescents are the worst or essentially tied for worst on every other behavior considered. This is true whether the risky behaviors are those more common to whites (e.g. drinking and smoking) or to blacks (e.g. sex and violence). Mixed race adolescents roughly occupy the lower envelope of good behaviors of blacks and whites. In a similar manner Choi et al (2006), using data from four middle schools in Seattle, WA, find that multi-racial adolescents are at greater risk for substance abuse.

Some mixed race children do even better than single race children but when it comes to the children of black/white couples they seem to be at a disadvantage:

"Powell and his colleague Simon Cheng at the University of Connecticut found one exception to the "biracial advantage." Black father/white mother families tend to invest fewer resources into kids than do black monoracial couples and white monoracial couples."
<a href=' />Live'>>Live Science

My response:

[avispa], Thanks for the very relevant and interesting statistics (assuming them to be authentic), for which a human-evolutionary explanation springs to mind:

We evolved emotionally and behaviourally as members of an extended family or tribe, which the state has effectively (although wholly inadequately) taken the place of.

That many mixed-race people have a greater or lesser degree of difficulty identifying with and being accepted by their component racial groups and by society at large is to be expected, except, of course, by the ideologically blinded, and the state which encourages them in pursuit of its own interests, i.e. power.

Mainly at fault is the STATE, which insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that "race doesn't (or shouldn't) matter", except to evil "racists".

Of course race matters, certainly to anyone who wants a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group identity, rather than being satisfied with the superficial nonsense that the state has to offer, and only gets away with because of the modern individual's isolation and dependency on its immense power.