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Comments posted in response to an article by Symon Hill:

'The white working class' aren't racists


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To combat the BNP, we need to emphasise that the most important division in society is not racial it is the division between the very rich and the rest of us.

This is an ideological attitude devoid of any understanding of evolved human nature, which is no less tribal than it is social, despite all the power of the state being used to deny, ridicule, demonize, suppress - and, of course, harness it.

Ethnic differences ARE important because, when not suppressed and manipulated by the state as a means of social control, they provide an immediate and powerful indication of an individuals tribal affiliation. They are also essential for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group identity, which the state doesn't want people to have. Instead, it wants us to identity with its mighty but superficial self.

It's an affiliation which the STATE has always assumed the right, and had the POWER, to determine, when now, in our more enlightened age, there is no need for it to be so predominantly territorial, but up to the INDIVIDUAL, wherever they choose to live.

This is the real, underlying issue, which most haven't yet even recognised, but will form the basis of the pending conflict and revolution, which hopefully we will be able to resolve peacefully: the power of the state vs. the right of the individual to determine their own tribal and national affiliation.

Only then will we be in a position to create the kind of society (just, humane and sustainable) "progressives" claim they want, but make the fatal mistake of trying to achieve through the power of the state.