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Comments posted in response to an article by Nick Cohen:

How the BNP's far-right journey ends up on primetime TV


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A stumped Paxman said: "Mr Griffin, thank you", and grateful BNP supporters posted the interview on YouTube.
Paxman was stumped, I suggest, because he got a perfectly reasonable and understandable answer from Nick Griffin, when he was expecting to provoke something quite different.
2nd Post
What makes Nick Cohen and his fellow  "progressives" so cock-sure of themselves and their ideology of "colourblindness", is knowing that they have the mighty state 100 percent behind them, just as in the Middle Ages it was behind Church ideology, on which it based its legitimacy and authority (the principal means, next to the sword, by which it dominated society).
Just as Church ideology was based on lies (referred to as the "gospel truth"), so too is the ideology of a colourblind, multiethnic NATION.
There is no such thing as a multiethnic (multi-racial and multicultural) NATION (see OED definition), anymore than there is such a thing as the "Son of God", in whom we must believe to avoid eternal damnation.
It is not Nick Griffin, or anyone else, that the state and its apologists have to fear, but the TRUTH, now threatening to expose the LIES on which its  power, along with the political and economic advantages it confers, are based.
Anyone who wants to combat genuine racism (rather than most people's natural and legitimate need for a strong ethnic component to their national identity, with which the state dishonestly conflates it) must base their arguments on the truth (i.e. the importance of ethnicity for most individuals' sense of personal, group, and thus also national, identity) rather than on state lies (the ideology of colourblindness and of "race doesn't matter", i.e. is of no social or political significance except to evil "racists").