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The prospect of another lost generation is a chilling one

by Polly Toynbee, 22/12/08

22 Dec 08, 6:58am (1 minute ago)

My first post was removed by the moderator, because deemed to be "a personal attack on the author", which it wasn't (I want to bring Polly round to my way of thinking, not offend and alienate her!), so, now slightly amended to avoid any possibility of further misunderstanding, here it is again:

Polly doesn't see it, of course, and is perhaps incapable of doing so, since, like most people (especially those in positions of power and influence), she is blinded by her own dependency on and "success" in the political and socioeconomic status quo. She thus fails to recognise and question the SYSTEM'S inherently unjust, inhumane and - on our finite and vulnerable planet - non-sustainable roots in man's dumb-animal (as opposed to more rational and enlightened, human) nature.

What's needed, Polly (and the very survival of our civilisation now depends on it), is a genuinely RADICAL (human-evolutionary) approach to understanding ourselves and the civilisation we have created.