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Comments in response to an article by Polly Toynbee:

Beware the zealots selling miracle cures of privatisation


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As usually, Polly is cultivating a false social and political dichotomy when she sees Britain in terms of left/right, liberal/conservative, progressive/reactionary, public/private interests, etc.
It's a dichotomy created by the STATE, which serves primarily the interests of the elites on both sides. We are invited (at elections) to chose one side, or colour, or the other, on the assumption that our own interests, or those we identify with, will be represented, but in fact, the principal interests served are those of the elites themselves, irrespective of which side they are on or political colour they are.
People sense this, of course, despite all the hype to the contrary (massively peddled by a complicit media), which is what results in all the cynicism about politics, and the media.
I don't question Polly's sincerity. Like most people, she means well, and is probably more well intentioned than most, but she fails to recognise the true nature of the system (of state and economy), which, notwithstanding all her criticism of it, serves her, as it does the members of all society's elites, so well.
If Polly would like to get in touch with me (see my profile), I'll invite her for a beer, or whatever she prefers to drink, and explain to her the inherently (self)-exploitative nature of the system itself, which, because we are all so familiar with and dependent on it, is very difficult to recognise, with our brains programmed by evolution to subconsciously interpret reality (i.e. their environment, which now largely comprises human society itself) to their own narrow and short-sighted (in fact, perverted Darwinian) advantage.