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Comment I posted on the following thread, which actually DID
make it past the "moderation"

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Tune into our racist culture war, live on primetime TV

by Marian Hyde, 09/10/09


Racism, as defined in the OED:

(Belief in, adherence to, or advocacy of) the theory that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, qualities, etc., specific to that race, esp. distinguishing it as inferior or superior to another race or races; prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism based on this.

Whereas I can understand that some might take offence at the instances referred to in this article, I fail to recognise anything but the remotest connection with RACISM. So why does Marina Hyde wield this fearsome mace of social contempt, abhorrence and threatened eternal damnation against those who are perhaps, or perhaps not (depending on circumstances) being insensitive, but are certainly not racists?

I suggest that she is laying claim to the "moral high ground" for herself, and all the advantages (social, political and economic) which go with this state ideology of "colourblindness" (indifference to ethnic difference), of "race doesn't matter", i.e. is of no social or political significance, except to evil "racists", in denial of its huge importance for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group identity, which the state, needing us to identify with its mighty but superficial self, seeks to suppress.

The underlying issue here is not RACISM, but STATISM, which is intent on imposing mass immigration and a multiethnic society and melting pot on its population, whether they like it or not, whereby the most effective way to nip any opposition to it in the bud is by calling it RACISM.

People like Marina Hyde want us all to believe (as she no doubt believes her self) that the only alternative to a racist (i.e. evil) society, is a statist one, thereby supporting the same method of power politics and social control practiced so effectively for centuries by the Catholic Church: comply with state ideology or face social exclusion and eternal damnation . . !