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Why I wouldn't ban BNP members from being teachers

by Nick Cohen, 28/06/09



28 Jun 09, 10:55am (1 minute ago)

". . I live in the hope that . . Labour will grasp that you don't defeat opponents by briefing lawyers and quangocrats, but by fighting the battle of ideas as if you meant to win it."

It is not the "battle of ideas" which will determine our future, but the "battle of identities" - notwithstanding that ideas will play a vitally important role in this socially and politically fundamental battle.

It is a battle (or will be, when recognised) between the STATE and the individual in determining the priorities and relative importance given to an individual's different identities.

At the moment, by far the most important identity (carrying with it obligations of loyalty, commitment, altruism and self-sacrifice, expropriated by the state from our TRIBE, which their emotional and behavioural underpinning evolved to serve, and which in turn we are all materially very much dependent on) is that of "national identity" imposed on us by the STATE, which insists that race and ethnicity (i.e. one's ancestors and their history) are of no relevance to (except to "racists").

But here the OED's definition of NATION:

A large aggregate of people so closely associated with each other by factors such as COMMON DESCENT, language, CULTURE, HISTORY, and occupation of the same territory as to be identified as a DISTINCT PEOPLE [my capitals].

From which one must surely conclude that the British state's claim to represent a PEOPLE and a NATION is quite untrue, i.e. a LIE.

Thus, in the red corner we have the all-powerful STATE, defending champion of the LIE, while in the blue corner we have a few weak and puny individuals, bravely standing up for the TRUTH and their freedom to pursue it.

So, let battle commence, and may the best man/woman/state win . . !