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This comment of mine was not removed, I was just unable to post it. I emailed Cif twice to ask what the problem was and to suggest that if they were not opening the piece by Michele Hanson up for comments they should remove it form Cif and send me her email address, so that I could send my comment to her personally - but no response.
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"One minute most people are charming, the next the human race seems like nature's freak mistake"
by Michele Hanson (15/07/08)

A nice piece, Michele, which rings lots of bells with me, as I'm sure it does with many other readers.
It is something I have spent a lot of time thinking about and trying to understand. Basically, I have come to realise, the problem is this:
The environment in which we now live is an artificial one, far - very far - removed from the environment in which human nature and behaviour evolved and are thus adapted to.

This, I am sure, is why we often get such intense pleasure from experiencing Nature, the <i>natural environment</i>, as contrasted with our own, now often so ugly and oppressive, artificial environment.

Following on from our forebears, we have created an artificial, <i>socioeconomic</i>, environment intended to facilitate its material exploitation in continuing pursuit of our Darwinian struggle for survival and (reproductive) success (why should it suddenly stop?), but quite misplaced and now largely reduced to a struggle for POWER (especially for MONEY, but also for social and professional status, for the <i>moral high ground</i>, etc, etc).

What your piece does, Michele, is report the seemingly harmless (notwithstanding the <i>killer cyclist</i>) symptoms of a <i>fatal disease</i> that infects our whole civilization.

The question is, will we recognise it and be able to find a cure, before it kills us (our civilization)?