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America is showing Europe the way again

by Keith Richburg, 26/10/08

Oct 26 08, 7:29am

A fundamental difference between America and Europe, which we continue to overlook, or deny, at our peril, is that "native Americans" are a small, politically insignificant, minority in America, while in Europe "native Europeans", are still a very large and overwhelmingly powerful majority, who are currently prevented from sticking up for their own interests, by a self-imposed ideology of "colourblindness" (indifference to ethnic difference).

This ideology, initially, was an understandable overreaction to the horrors of Nazi racial ideology, which has been consolidated by political and economic opportunism on the part of the state, capital, and the "liberal left", each pursuing its own particular interests (political, economic, ideological) and forming a mighty Triple Alliance, with complete control over the media and public opinion and against which the population in general has been virtually powerless, with anyone expressing native interests (such as curbing mass immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated subcontinent, or concern about native ethnic, cultural and historical identity disappearing into the melting pot of multiracial/multicultural society) being dismissed and condemned as a "racist" and neo-Nazi sympathiser.

I say, at our peril, because long before Europe's native populations are reduced to a minority, they will do what native Americans and native Australians must often wish they had been in a position to do; namely, assert their ancestral rights over their native lands.

The state, capital and the liberal left belittle such talk, or condemn it as "racist", but it is not, any more than when native Americans, Australians or Africans seek to assert their ancestral rights, especially those relating to the preservation of their own ethnic, cultural and historical identity.

All that the Triple Alliance are interested in (notwithstanding many good but self-deluding intentions, particularly on the liberal left) is creating and maintaining a political and socioeconomic environment suitable for them to exploit to their own particular advantage.

This is something which requires a human-evolutionary perspective of western civilisation and how it developed to understand, but which, like the social and political importance of ethnicity (for a deeper sense of personal and group identity) is currently under taboo.

2nd Post

Oct 26 08, 10:00am (1 minute ago)


"If you haven't experienced intellectual racists banging on about "native populations" (e.g. rogerhicks, above), then you must have heard racist comments from fellow workers, people down the pub, or whatever."

Thanks for illustrating the point I was making about anyone speaking up for the interests of the native population being dismissed as a "racist", although, I would much have preferred it if instead you'd expressed some understanding for my arguments.

I do not believe that native Europeans will allow their ethnic, cultural, historical (and prehistorical) identities to simply disappear into the melting pot of a multiracial/multicultural society, which you seem to have set your heart on, certainly not without putting up a fight.

It's a fight that I desperately want us to avoid, because if it happens, a lot of people will get hurt.

The fact is that ethnic identity (one's ancestors, their culture and history), when not suppressed by the state and denied (even to oneself), as is currently the case, is very important for any deeper sense of personal and group identity, which people are going to start turning to when times get hard, as they are about to do, and they can no longer be distracted with endless consumption.

The longer the state (bolstered ideologically by both the extreme left and the liberal left) succeeds in continuing to suppress the native population's ability to assert its interests against mass immigration and the melting pot of multiracial/multicultural society, the greater the probability that when they do eventually assert themselves (as they will), it will be with the help of extreme rightwing parties, thus causing the pendulum to swing back towards the other extreme, from whence it came (not a pleasant thought).

If you want to avoid that, [Oroklini], as I'm sure you do, then please listen to me and try to understand what I'm saying.

3rd Post

Oct 26 08, 2:14pm (1 minute ago)


"I'd be interested in how the current state of affairs threatens your own personal sense of who you are."

It doesn't. My personal identity is no longer a pressing issue for me. It's my sense of group identity which is not so much under threat as none existent.

And it is not just about mass immigration and the transformation of Britain into a multiracial/multicultural melting pot, although that is an important aspect of it, since this is not the kind of society that I am capable of identifying with, even if I wanted. I might just as well try and identify with the whole world (which I guess is the Left's ideological expectation).

I want to belong to a society that I can identify with and want passionately to contribute to, rather than just trying to get as much out of it for myself as possible - something which the British state has never been capable of satisfying.

Since the moderator has insisted on removing my first post, so that no one can learn what your or [Oroklini]'s references were in response to, I shall repost it on my home page: LINK.