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The future belongs to us by Jon Cruddas, 29/09/08

Sep 29 08, 8:23am

"The future belongs to us"

That is, to the Left, to those who think and feel like I do . . . .

And those who do not think and feel like he does . . . are they to be dismissed, dominated or eliminated ?!

And he has the audacity to see himself as being "progressive".

Rather, Jon Cruddas demonstrates just how little progress human "prime apes" have made in understanding themselves and the artificial socioeconomic environment they have created, were they continue to be dominated by the individual's Darwinian struggle for POWER and a tribal, them vs us, mentality: us goodies on the Left vs those baddies on the right.

Jon Cruddas may be doing very well for himself as an individual male "prime ape", but what a pathetic display of human backwardness and stupidity he presents . . . . !