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This comment of mine was removed twice
Cif thread to Gary Younge's article,

Democrats: They came to see history in the making


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Dear Moderator, Why did you remove my post? If you remove it again, please give me an explanation (you have my email address), since I cannot see how it offends against Talk Policy. Or isn't such fundamental criticism of the STATE allowed on Cif?

My deleted post of 10:18am again:

Quote from article:

". . . Obama recalled his grandfather taking him to see astronauts coming back to earth. As the boy sat on his shoulders his grandfather said: "We're Americans. We can do anything when we put our minds to it."

The "Americans" who put a man on the Moon were overwhelmingly European Americans, and their achievement (which really was colossal and awe-inspiring) wasn't just their own, but the culmination of centuries (in fact, millennia) of essentially native European cultural, scientific and technological developments and achievements.

Lots of European Americans, despite all the efforts of the American state and media to convince them otherwise, for the sake of "national unity", are aware of this, deep down, and thus not too keen on embracing the miscegenation which the state, self-interestedly, is massively promoting, not least in the nomination of Barack Obama (a man of mixed race) for President.

The men who stood on the Moon (and those who helped put them there and bring them safely back) did not look like Barack Obama, but like the native Europeans most of them in fact were.

I'll be accused of "racism" for pointing this truth out, no doubt, which is how the STATE, manages to nip all opposition to (or even questioning of) itself in the bud, but there is nothing racist about stating the truth, or about identifying with and feeling pride in one's own ethnic origins and the achievements of one's own forebears and ethnic group (unless one takes it to extremes, as of course the Nazis did), just "anti-statist", which is why the state, and not just the American state, is so opposed to it.

The state deceives us into believing that it is our servant and saviour from ethnic strife, while in truth it is more interested in exploiting us. In fact, a natural, healthy and wisely directed sense of - not just, but including - ethnic identity, I believe, is all that can save us from state tyranny and the hopeless political, social, economic and environmental situation it has got us into, and would now deceive us (and itself) into believing that it can get us out of.

What the people and peoples of America (as opposed to the American state) need now (have needed ever since 1776), is not a "Black President" to encourage social integration and miscegenation, but a New Constitution. Not one written by Europeans for Europeans, as they have now, for an essentially monoracial (ethnic European) society, but for a multiracial/multicultural society, which facilitates, rather discourages, the cultivation of ethnic and cultural diversity, rather than the POWER of the state and the economic exploitation of American society.