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It's no surprise that the BNP's rise and New Labour's demise are linked  by Gary Younge 07/07/08

Jul 07 08, 09:27am

Why is Gary not required to declare his OWN self-interest in continued mass immigration of "people of colour" into our historically (and prehistorically) through and through "hideously white" country and continent, and in eventually putting an end to "white majority rule" here, as a perverted continuation, I suggest, of the largely noble struggle to end "white minority rule" in South Africa?

And while he is about it, what about the Guardian's editors also declaring THEIR self-interests in promoting the extreme leftwing racial ideology, which has been embraced by the West's political and intellectual elites in partly well-intended, but also misconceived and opportunistic, response (and overreaction) to the defeated (thank goodness) extreme rightwing racial ideologies (Nazism, Jim Crow, Apartheid) of the 20th Century?