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From the ashes of Gaza

by Tariq Ali, 30/12/08

30 Dec 08, 9:17am (removed by moderator)

Tariq Ali's blind bias in favour of the Palestinians hardly comes through at all, does it . . . ?

A "one state solution" would effectively eliminate Israel (which is Tariq's intention, of course), dragging all Palestine down to the level of its Muslim self and neighbours.

Not the only, but the main reason that Jews (and especially Israel) are so hated, I think, is because their relative success (in all/most areas of human achievement) provokes such resentment (I suspect that is why the Nazi's hated them as well, subconsciously fearing them to be a "superior race" to their own).

Instead of looking to Israel as an example to emulate, which would be the rational and sensible thing to do, all many Palestinians/Muslims can think about is destroying it, encouraged by the likes of Tariq Ali.


Email to moderator at Cif asking why my comment was removed:

So, being biased in favour of the Palestinians is OK on Cif, but not in favour of Israel. Or why else, pray tell me,  was my  post removed?
Moderator's reply:

Your post was removed for being legally  problematic - we cannot allow misrepresentation of our author's views.  

2nd Email to moderator at Cif:

Your explanation for the removal of my post completely baffles me.
Someone is always "misrepresenting" someone  else's views on Cif, if that is actually what I was doing , which I would  dispute. But surely the way to respond to any perceived "misrepresentation" is  by posting a comment on the thread. If you or your author disagrees with  my opinion, feel free (on Cif!) to correct or contradict it. I don't expect  to be censored for expressing an opinion on Cif. Or is there a special Talk  Policy in force for Tariq Ali?

Moderators reply:

In the case of legally problematic comments, I am afraid we are not permitted to go into any more detail than we already have. There isn't a special Talk Policy in place for Tariq Ali's articles though.

3rd Post

30 Dec 08, 7:21pm (also removed by moderator)


According to the moderation, my opinions are "legally problematic" and thus not permitted here on Cif.

What it is that is "legally problematic" about them, I haven't a clue, and the moderation won't "go into anymore detail", so if anyone else can tell me, I'd appreciate it. Here's the LINK.

I notice that a lot of other comments have also been removed. Also for being "legally problematic"?


2nd Post (which was not removed)

30 Dec 08, 9:39am (38 minutes ago)

It seems to be ingrained in human nature, when confronted with a superior culture, either to want to destroy it (presumably because of the perceived threat it poses, even if only to one's self-image), or to merge with it, which, when it happens on a large scale, would overwhelm the superior culture and destroy it anyway.

Ring any bells . . . ?