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Business as usual for police racists  by Claudia Webbe, 09/10/08

Oct 09 08, 11:51am

From Claudia's profile:

"Claudia has spent a lifetime campaigning against racism and injustice . . . [helping to] provide a pathway to employment for black and minority ethnic communities."

That is, she is (earning a living) fighting for the interests and advantage of her OWN peoples against interests of Britain's native peoples.


2nd Post

[Theloonyfromcatford]: "How fuc***g great of you to tell an 18 year old, South London Black kid thinking of joining the force that he isn't actually a 'native'."

Obviously it doesn't occur to you that many native Britons (and I use the term in the same way that it is applied to native Americans or native Australians, etc.) might want to retain and cultivate the ethnic identity and history of their ancestors, whose common roots go back to the last ice age and beyond, just as most other native peoples do, against the forces of western capitalism and globalization, which would homogenize us all in the interests of STATE, capital and the racial ideology (the exact but equally extreme opposite of Nazi racial ideology, which initially it was an understandable overreaction to, but was then consolidated in this extreme form by political and economic opportunism) that the extreme left has succeeded in imposing on us.

Today's "moral supremacists", mainly on the liberal left, will not take an interest in the native population as such until after they have been reduced to a "disadvantage minority" they can then claim the "moral high ground" for sticking up for, as they once did for the so-called "working class", and now do for immigrants, asylum seekers and other currently "disadvantage minorities".

If we want to survive as a European people, and not disappear into the melting pot of the extreme left's racial utopia, optimally adapted to exploitation by global capital, we will have to stick up for ourselves, NOT against the immigrants (most of whom, I hope, will be on my side), but against our own ruling elites (in politics, business, academia and the media) who have betrayed us and sold us down the river (just as Africans were once sold into slavery by their fellow Africans), allowing the MADNESS of mass immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country, and creating a multiracial/multicultural melting pot and potential powder keg where before there had been none.

The times when you could dismiss anyone speaking up for "native interests" as a "racist" are coming to an end, my friend. Peacefully and politely (after all, we are English) we shall start sticking up for our own interests.

This, ultimately, will entail dismantling the power structures of the British state and of free-market capitalism. Quite a challenge, but so long as we proceed with caution and humanity, peacefully, legally and grassroots-democratically, in cooperation with immigrant communities and with other native European peoples, I don't see why we shouldn't succeed. The survival of our race and of our multi-ethnic civilization depends on it.

Once you see the light [Theloonyfromcatford], I'm sure you will want to join us.