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Comment I posted on the following thread, which actually DID
make it past the "moderation"

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Michelle Obama in black and white

by Lola Adesioye, 09/10/09


When I look at the Obamas I see what I judge to be "nice people", but, because of their different ethnicity to my own, not "my people". Whereas when I look at the Bushes or Cheneys, I don't see particularly "nice people", but, because we share the same ethnicity (and all that implies in the way of biological, cultural and historical ties), "my people". I don't know any of these people personally, of course, so my judgment and categorization is just an initial, provisional, one. If I got to know them personally, my judgment and categorization of them might well change. Indeed, I would expect it to.

The point I want to make is that you cannot get to know many people personally, so that one's initial judgment and categorization of most people will remain valid and important. To suggest, as some do, that we should not judge or categorize anyone without knowing them personally, displays an ignorance of evolved human nature and psychology. Our brains have to judge and categorize in order to cope with all the information they are bombarded with, and would malfunction (causing madness) if they failed to do so.

Those who deny the importance of race simply use other criteria to judge and categorize others, as "racists" (loathsome "others") or non-racists (lovely people like themselves and members of their own group).

Humans evolved not just as "social animals", but also very much as "tribal animals". We need to know, immediately and instinctively, whether a stranger is a (potential) member of our own or of anther (possibly hostile) group. Ethnicity (racial and cultural characteristics) is an immediate and powerful indicator of whether a stranger is a (potential) member of our own group, or not. This is why - despite its otherwise trivial significance - skin pigmentation is (has the natural potential to be) so important.

There is nothing racist about this. It's human nature - which the STATE is intent on suppressing and manipulating in pursuit of its role of facilitating society's self-exploitation, to the advantage of some over others.

The state massively favours "anti-racists" (the supposedly "colourblind", who see no social or political significance in race, despite its central importance for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group identity), while condemning anyone (specially native Europeans) with a sense of ethnic identity as an evil "racist".

The biggest threat to our civilisation is not racism, but statism, and the "liberal fascism" (see Jonah Goldberg) which now dominates it.