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Thursday 19 October 2000

Extremist backs 'kill Jews' poster
By Peter Foster and Philip Aldrick

Advice and warning to all Jews and Muslims in the UK - Al Muhajiroun

Al Muhajiroun

AN Islamic extremist has defended a leaflet and poster campaign exhorting British Muslims to "kill the Jews" and wage a holy war against Israel.

 Jewish leaders are demanding the prosecution of those responsible and seeking talks with Jack Straw, the Home Secretary. However, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohamed, the leader of the Islamic fundamentalist group al-Muhajiroun, said its leaflets, which have appeared in London, Manchester and Birmingham, were merely a warning not to support the state of Israel.

Concerns that the material would inflame relations between Muslims and Jews were heightened this week when a 20-year-old Jew was stabbed on a bus in Stamford Hill, an area of north London which is home to a large community of Orthodox jews.

 The attack came days after Jo Wagerman, president of the Board of Deputies, wrote to Lord Williams, the Attorney General, warning that there was a "direct and causal link between literature which invites hatred and the level of racist violence on the street".

 Although police arrested five young men in Stamford Hill two weeks ago on suspicion of distributing anti-Semitic literature, Jewish leaders are angry that more is not being done to target the real powers behind the leaflets.

 Sources at the board said that police appeared reluctant to prosecute because the calls to fight the Jews were carefully couched in quotes from the Koran. One said that the Government was afraid of provoking a Muslim backlash.

 David Lidington, the shadow home office minister, said: "Whoever is responsible for this should be investigated. I would say the same if these posters were directed against British Muslims."

The following was downloaded from htm. 

Following the stabbing of a Jew in Stamford Hill we issue this press release as a warning to all Jews and Muslims in the UK and elsewhere so that they can be aware of the consequences of the conflict taking place in Palestine under the occupation of Israeli Jews and of the consequences of the hostilities and aggression for Israeli interests and aggressors world-wide. We would like to make it abundantly clear that it is an Islamic obligation upon Muslims everywhere to support the Jihad against those who fight Muslims anywhere in the world or who occupy Muslim land and that this support must be financial, physical, military or verbal. 

However Muslims must be disciplined and ensure that they do not target any civilians or any person who are not a legitimate target according to the Shari'ah. Hence we hereby publicly condemn the stabbing of the Jew in North London as a violation of the Shari'ah and call upon all Jews to distance themselves completely from the atrocities being committed by the fascist Israeli regime against Muslims in Palestine. We urge Jews in the UK and elsewhere not to show any support for the Israeli regime whether verbal, financial or physical or they may allow themselves to become targets for Muslims everywhere. 

The Qur'an is explicit in making Israeli aggressors and occupiers legitimate targets for Muslims wherever they may be. The divine evidence for this from the Qur'an is that Allah (swt) says: 

"And kill them wherever you meet them and turn them out from where they have turned you out" [EMQ 2: 191] 


" If anyone commits aggression against you retaliate against them in equal manner" [EMQ 2:194] 


"Fight for the sake of God those who fight you and do not do transgression for Allah loves not the transgressors" [EMQ 2:190] 

Muslims in the UK must also be vigilant in ensuring that they do not fall into the trap of supporting Yassar Arafat and the nationalistic call for an independent Palestine of 13% of what was occupied in 1967 since this is an affront to Islam, rather we must struggle for the liberation of all Muslim land occupied since 1948! Arafat is an oppressor no better than Mubarak and Fahad as one who has violated the Shari'ah, who does not call for the Islamic solution, who does not therefore stand for the interests of Muslims and who has alliances with those at war with Islam and Muslims which is prohibited in Islam. 

In addition Muslims in the UK must distance themselves from those who go with their begging bowls to Blair to ask for his help when it is the British themselves who are killing us in Iraq, it is the British who support Israel, it is they who gave Palestine away in the first place under the Balfour Declaration and it is they who spearheaded the destruction of the Islamic state!!!

In response to the killing of a Jew in North London Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, the Principal Judge of The Shari'ah Court of The UK said: 'I warn and advise the Jewish community in the UK to distance themselves from the state of Israel. Muslims are not after the Jewish nations and communities around the world although Muslims are obliged to target those who are aggressors or occupiers regardless of their religion or colour, whether they be Russian forces in Chechnya, Hindu forces in kashmir or Jewish forces in Palestine or indeed in any part of the world. 

Therefore if you support Israel financially, verbally or physically you will become part of the conflict.' Sheikh Omar added in a talk delivered in Derby yesterday: 'I call upon Muslim around the world to march towards their government buildings, parliament and presidential palaces, to occupy them and to depose their leaders as a step forward and to take charge and send the Muslim armies to fight the aggressors and occupiers and to establish the Khilafah (i.e. the Islamic State)' In addition he said 'I call the Muslims world-wide to resist all man made law wherever they are and to introduce Islamic law' He added 'It is wrong to burn the US, UK and Israeli flags alone, rather these must be burnt together with the flags of the Arab regimes including that of Palestine because the issue of Palestine is not a Palestinian or Arab issue rather it is an Islamic issue concerning Muslims world-wide.' Moreover the Sheikh said: 'I pray to almighty god to unite Muslims world-wide against the secular man-made regimes and to implement Islam the way God has united the Muslims world-wide against the occupiers'