For a while, I called this site "Roger's World @", because it is about the world as I see it, from my own, necessarily subjective, perspective. This applies to us ALL, of course, and has profound implications we need to be much more aware of.

Each of us is the centre of his or her own universe and sees the world, as it were, through a unique pair of very strong glasses, the highly complex, distorting lenses of which have been shaped by many influences: our individual history, the culture we have grown up in, our parents, peers, books, the media, and, not least, our own current dependencies and vested interests.

Although I believe that I see some rather important things more clearly than most, which I am using to construct what I believe to be a far better model of socio-economic reality than those current at the moment, my glasses are not uniformly less distorting that those of others. The lenses are very complex. Some things, no doubt, I see just as, or perhaps even more, distorted than others.

Here's a link to a (very) short and incomplete biography of myself.