What to do with Judaeo-Christianity?

An Atheist's 
& Agnostic's 
Guide to God


Western civilisation is steeped in Judo-Christianity. There is no getting away from it, or ignoring it - although that is what most people nowadays tend to do. What they fail to recognise, however, is that it is still ingrained in them and the society in which they live. 

I liked to think that we had freed ourselves from the shackles of the Church and Abrahamic religion, but we have not. It is far too deeply ingrained. Added to which, there are some things associated with it that I would like to retain. Our history, for one thing, and some, but far from all, our moral values and attitudes.

Perhaps we should take the baby out of the bath, clean it off, and transfer the bathwater and bath to a museum.

Most people, put off by the stench of the bathwater and the aged ugliness of the bath, have simply left the bathroom, which is a shame, because the baby that is still in it has a lot to offer us.

I hasten to add that the baby I have in mind is NOT Jesus. Jesus has been a brilliant front-man for Christianity, but to me that is all he is. To suggest that he was the "Son of God" is ridiculous and absurd. Christianity is based on myths and untruths (the "Gospel Lies"), which are integral to our history and have played an important role in shaping the modern world, but which we really do need to free ourselves from completely, not least because they are obscuring the view to more enlightened concepts of God and religion. 

Thanks to immigration, there are now three Abrahamic religions in Europe: to Judaism and Christianity, which have been here since ancient times, Islam has recently been added. Thus, we have three baths full of dirty bathwater and three babies that are worth taking out and cleaning off. Which baby you are most interested in will largely depend on your own historical and biological roots. Mine are Judaeo-Christian.