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Comment I posted on the following thread, but did not make it past the "moderation"
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Jimmy Carter was right. 'Post-racial' America is still a forlorn hope

by Keith Richburg, 20/09/09


". . . racists, white supremacists and old-school segregationists are feeling emboldened . . so, too, have the bigots felt more comfortable coming out of the woods."
This quote from Keith Richburg's article is nonsense, meant only to intimidate. What we have here are two different peoples (one identifying with its European, the other with its African heritage), under massive social, political and economic pressure form the STATE (which condemns dissidents as "racists " and "bigots "), to pretend that they are ONE.
Many white (i.e. European) Americans (far more than will admit it - even to themselves, perhaps) are uncomfortable with a black president, because, being a tribal animal as much a social one, they do not identify with him fully as one of their own, anymore than African Americans, as a rule, identify with European Americans as their own.
The race issue exposes the contradiction between STATE and NATION, which the former falsely claims to represent.
In the "Land of the Free" it's time the people started organizing themselves, into their nations of choice, instead of allowing the state to impose a single American identity on them. America should work towards reorganizing itself, peacefully and grassroots-democratically, into the United Nations of America.