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Philip Pullman refuses to undergo 'insulting' child safety check (16/07/09)

Philip Pullman, the best selling author, will be banned from reading his books in schools because he refuses
to be vetted for a new anti-paedophile database that he said "assumes my guilt".



It is interesting to consider what motivates the state to view its citizens with such suspicion, not just in respect to paedophilia, but also, and more importantly, in respect to that other heinous crime, "racism", i.e. racial prejudice . .

It is, I suggest, the state's  need to exert "moral authority", i.e. POWER and control, over society. In the Middle Ages, the state was created by a coalition of aristocracy and clergy, the former using the power of the sword, the latter, the power of the Word and the "moral authority" that went with it.

The moral authority of the Word no longer has the traction it once did, so the state is in need of some other form of moral authority to reinforce its spurious claim to NATIONHOOD (and to being the natural heir to our tribal loyalties), especially since mass immigration and multiethnic society have given the lie to it, which the state, of course, must deny and suppress the truth of. This it does by claiming the "moral high ground" for its ideology of "colourblindness" (indifference to ethnic difference), of "race doesn't matter",  i.e. is of no social or political significance, except to "racists".

Thus the state strives to cultivate feelings of guilt, through which it can exert power and control, in respect to our relationship with children and, even more importantly, our racial prejudices, which, of course we all have, but dare not admit to, any more than someone in the Middle Ages would dare admit doubting the truth of the holy gospels.