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Comments posted in response to Guardian editorial:

Bankers' bonuses - Golden Sacks


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"And so it begins again . . .  "

We will never understand, and thereby be in a position to humanize and make ecologically sustainable, financial institutions (or the economy as a whole), until we first recognize how they originated and have developed to both serve and exploit Homo sapiens blind (largely subconscious) Darwinian nature and the individual's primordial struggle (now misplaced and perverted in the artificial environment of human civilisation itself) for survival, advantage (over his fellow humans) and "success".

Originally it was "reproductive success", of course, but this has largely been reduced to the pursuit and exercise of POWER, i.e. money (e.g. bankers' bonuses, MPs' expenses, etc.), the moral high ground (which not only established religions specialize in), social and professional status, etc.

There are armies of anthropologists studying "other" societies, or the minute detail of our own, but a general, Darwinian, understanding of our own civilisation (of the power structures of state and economy, which ultimately employs them), they shy away from (subconsciously fearful of biting the hand that feeds them), and thus are unable to provide us with the vital Darwinian perspective necessary to understand our problems and find remedies for them.