Extracts from Book II of 
Pliny's Natural History

Chap.  1 - 7: The world - is it finite?  Is it one?  Its shape; Its motion; Reason for its name; The elements; God; The planets  - their nature; Eclipses, solar and lunar; Night.
Chap.  8 - 17: The stars - their magnituge Astronomical discoveries; The moon's motions; Motions of the plantets; Theory of their light; Causes of apparent recession and approach; General properties of planets; Reasons for changes of colour
Chap. 18 - 38: Thunderbolds, why attributed to Jove; The stars - their distances apart; Music from the stars; Dimensions of the world; Shooting stars; Comets, their nature, position and kinds; Identification of stars - method of Hipparchus; Sky portents - recorded instances: torches, shafts, sky-beams, sky-yawning, colours of the sky, sky-flame, sky-wreaths, sudden rings, prolonged solar eclipses, several suns, several moons, daylight at night, burning shield; an unique sky-portent; Disruption of stars The 'Castores'; The air.
Chap.  39 - 56: Fixed seasons. Rise of dog-star. Regular effect of seasons. Irregular seasons. Rain storms. Showers of stones, their reason - Thunder-bolts and - lightnings. Echo - its reason. Winds - their kinds, natures and behaviour. Cloud-burst, typhoon, whirlwinds, presteres, tornadoes, other portentous kinds of storms. Thunder-bolts - what countries immune from them and why; their kinds, their peculiarities; Tuscan and Roman observances connected with; method of calling down; general properties; what objects never struck.
Chap.  57 - 68: Showers of milk, blood, flesh, iron, wool, bricks. Portents. Stones falling from the sky - Anaxagoras as to. Rainbow. Nature of hail, snow, frost, cloud, dew.  Local peculiarities of the sky. Nature of the earth; its shape; antipodes - do they exist?  Water - how linked with earth? Rivers - their reason. Is the earth surrounded by the ocean? What portion of the earth is inhabited? 
Chap.  69 - 80: 
(not available)
The earth at the centre of the world.  Obliquity of zones. Inequality of climates.  Eclipses - where invisible, and why ?  Reason for daylight on earth; gnomonics of daylight. Absence of shadows - where and when? where twice yearly ? where shadows travel in opposite direction ? Where days are longest and shortest? The first clock. How days are observed. Racial difference and latitude. 
Chap. 81 - 113: 
(not available)
Earthquakes. Chasms. Signs of impending earthquake. Precautions against impending earthquakes. Records of unique earth portents. Marvels of earthquake. Retreat of sea, where occurred? Emergence of islands - reason for; instances and dates of. Disruption of straits. Junction of islands with mainland. Total inundation. Shrinkage of land areas. Cities engulfed by sea. Air-holes. Continuous earth-tremors. Islands in constant agitation. Places where rain does not fall. Collection of earth marvels. Rise and fall of tides - reason for. Where do irregular tides occur? Marvels of the sea: influence of the moon on earth and sea; of the sun; why is the sea salty? where is it deepest? Remarkable properties of springs and rivers. Combined marvels of fire and water: mineral pitch; naphtha; regions constantly glowing. Marvels of fire alone. Dimensions of entire earth. Harmonic principle of the world.