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Crown Road
The Crown Road Community Project
Applying Internet technology to the development of "real" local communities - and beyond . . .
Homo stupidus economicus: not just a "prime ape", but Earth's Greatest Ape!
Notwithstanding my attempt to put a humorous spin on it, my intention is to draw attention to some very serious biological and social science: the application - much neglected - of Darwin's theory of evolution and human origins to the social sciences.
Friends of Alternative (anarchistic) Open Source Society
Or, for those who prefer a more irreverent statement of purpose: The Bollocks to Britain! (and all nation states) Society.

"Anarchistic" in the literal, wholly positive, sense of "without rulers" (i.e. grassroots-democratic), not in the sense of lawless and chaotic.

"Open Source" as in the spirit of cooperation (as opposed to exploitation), fairness, honesty and humanity which characterizes the Open Source movement, applied to society (including the body politic and economy) as a whole.
Native Europeans

This is a group for those who want to celebrate, cultivate and sometimes indulge their own and other native Europeans' ancestry, culture(s) and history(s) without intimidating, alienating or giving offense to non-native Europeans or people of mixed ancestry.
Nuclear mushroom
Nuclear non-proliferation: the way forward
All the arguments put forward by the British and French governments for retaining their own nuclear capability can be (and are) also put forward by other governments (Iran, for example), the rejection of which by Britain and France is blatant hypocrisy.

If there is to be any hope of curbing nuclear proliferation the British and French governments must work towards placing their own national nuclear deterrents under international (perhaps  EU or pan European) control.
The role of MONEY in man's continuing Darwinian struggle
The role of MONEY (the most versatile form of power) in man's continuing Darwinian struggle for survival and advantage, now fatally misplaced, in the artificial socio-economic environment of modern civilization.
Cardinals in Rome
The MORAL HIGH GROUND in man's continuing Darwinian struggle
The importance of the "moral high ground" in man's continuing Darwinian struggle for survival and advantage, now fatally misplaced, in the artificial socio-economic environment of modern civilization.
The purpose of Facebook
The potential of Facebook is mind-boggling, but if its PRIMARY purpose is (or becomes) to make as much money as possible for its shareholders (which, let's face it, IS the underlying principle of free-market capitalism), it will not, cannot possibly, realise this potential . . . .  
Father Christmas greets the Sunturn
Celebrating the Sunturn (and a new post-Christian Era)

In ancient northern Europe, no one knew why the seasons changed and the days got progressively shorter and colder as the Sun sank lower and lower in the sky, as its daily rising wandered ever further south along the eastern horizon, until finally – hopefully! – it would stop, “TURN”, and begin to head north again.
Poison Ivy
The problem with advertising . . . .

The problem with advertising - or rather, with the multi-billion dollar advertising industry as a whole - is that it forms a central pillar of our inherently unjust, inhumane and unsustainable free-market capitalist economy . . . .

The image (in case you are wondering) is of "Poison Ivy": very attractive, but deadly!
Not the BBC
Not the BBC - but GDB (Grassroots Democratic Broadcasting)!

At the moment the ONLY choice we have is between state ("public service") broadcasting and commercial (advertising-based) broadcasting. This group is dedicated to creating an alternative to both these.
Queen Boudica
My ethnicity is not "white British", but "native British"
As a native Englishman, Briton and European living in my native land and continent, I find it very irritating (in fact, quite offensive), when required to state my ethnicity, having to refer to myself as "white" this or "white" that . . . . 
racial prejudice
A place for prejudice

Human beings are inherently and incurably full prejudice about virtually everything, including RACE.
THE NATIONAL LIE, which equates STATE with NATION.
"Liberal-fascist/statist" Britain
Open-Sources Society and the New Nationalism