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For the year 08

12 June

Climate chaos is inevitable, according to Mark Lynas

5 June

In response to Lola Adesioye's piece on Barack Obama's race being an issue

4 June

How the struggle for POWER is disguised as SERVICE to society

4 June

It's the economists, stupid, by Tony Juniper of Friends of the Earth

1 June

In response to what Will Hutton told the Pope about shaping the "new capitalism"

1 June

According to Observer leader, "the environment must stay at the heart of policy"

31 May

According to Stewart Wallis, "Only something in the manner of Copernican revolution in our thinking can alter our current, disastrous course."

31 May

In response to Martin Kettle's analogy of the "false rhinoseros"

28 May

Colin Pillinger thinks Britain should be leading the search for life on Mars

26 May

The readers' editor on ... scratching the record and digital footprints

22 May

"Persian pipelines", another installment in Homo stupidus economicus's tragic tale

21 May

In response to Andrew Brown's response to Robert Skidelsky's "The apocalyptic mind"

21 May

Terry Eagleton on "the age-old conflict between civilisation and barbarism"

20 May

In response to Robert Skidelsky on "The apocalyptic mind"

20 May

In response to Michele Hanson on sex and royal weddings

19 May

In response to the readers editor, Siobhain Butterworth, on dealing with online publications

18 May

England, a politically correct tyranny where people who are NOT bigots are accused by PC types of being bigots in order to silence them . . 

16 May

In response to piece by Benny Morris on the Israeli state's 60th anniversary

14 May

Knife and gun culture, a particularly Afro-Caribbean response to the madness of what is an essentially European "rat race" ?

13 May

The pseudo-science of economics

12 May

The problem with capitalism

12 May

Society's co-responsibility for criminal behaviour

10 May

Comparing humanity with a culture of microorganisms

10 May

The never-ending (?) cycle of political disillusionment

9 May

The media circus - is just "infotainment"

9 May

Bullied by a bunch of, mainly white, "moral supremacists" who insist that any form of racial prejudice is "racist"

7 May

Trident: What is it for?

6 May

In response to Daniel Cohn-Bendit on 1968

6 May

Guardian leader wonders what logical case can be made for keeping the monarchy

5 May

Return of the population timebomb

2 May

In response to Ruth Fowler on some of the problems of mixed-race relationships

1 May

The debacle of the Obama candidacy will expose America for the divided country that it is.

29 April

The media and film industries are like pimps who have made whores or clients of us all . . .

29 April

The lure of profit exposes the "cancer" of free-market capitalism

28 April

Helium too is a non-renewable resource which is being squandered

28 April

In response to Gary Younge on  Barak Obama's candidacy

28 April

In response to Justin Thacker's criticism of the pleasure principle

26 April

Guardian leader: Rock Against Racism or Rock Against Reason?

25 April

Rowenna Davis laments levels of self-harm, but WHY the "rat race" which causes it in the first place,

24 April

Tahmina Anan has a bad conscience about flying, but don't ask her to give up flying to visit her family

24 April

Barak Obama's potential to expose, unintentionally, the Great American Lie  (in response to piece by Timothy Garton Ash)

23 April

In response to , England, A nation for the building, by Mark Perrymann

22 April

In response to George Monbiot's piece on the power play of Rubert Murdoch and the Chinese government

21 April

In response to Telegraph report on Trevor Phillips' warning of an "immigration cold war".

21 April

Sue Blackmore on the Pope and Catholic Church, both of which, I suggest, need to be understood from a Darwinian perspective

20 April

In response to Jeremy Langmead's lament about the burden he is likely to be to his own children

19 April

In response to Simon  Heffer's piece in the Telegraph on Enoch Powell (assuming it's published - which it wasn't!)

17 April

In response to Andreas Kluth's piece on predicting the future (just my own posts, with improved formating)

16 April

In response to Alex Singleton piece in defence of free-market capitalism

16 April

The cost of "green tinkering" is in famine and starvation, says Simon Jenkins

15 April

In response to Mark Braund's assertion that "progressives" have answers to the current economic crisis

14 April

Does the idea of human rights help or hinder the environmental movement, asks Conor Gearty

11 April

A general response to the countless articles on the American primary elections

10 April

In response to Alex Singleton's argument for an amnesty for illegal immigrants

10 April

In response to a piece by Prof. Ulrich Beck (just my own posts, plus final one missing from thread)

9 April

Competition in India is the natural state of being . . . like a crazy Darwinian selection process every day, writes Neil Biswas

7 April

Madeleine Bunting on the approaching 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech

6 April

In response to Observer leader: "A healthy economy is impossible with closed borders"

5 April

In response to Philippe Legrain's argument for mass immigration

5 April

In response to Guardian leader on the attraction and marketing ploy of a "free lunch"

2 April

The importance of "boundaries", not just for children

2 April

In defence of prejudice

1 April

In response to report of no evidence that net immigration can generate significant economic benefits

31 March

Gary Younge on how the US remains segregated in practice and attitudes

30 March

The government's campaign to promote 'Britishness' is an exercise in top-down futility, says Paul Kingsnorth

30 March

My take on Prof. John Gray's piece on the "Great Game" of geopolitical rivalry

27 March

In response to an open letter to Barack Obama on the need to tackle the enduring problems of racism and discrimination

27 March

Jack Straw, justice secretary and Lord Chancellor, refers to "communities" which state and capital have destroyed 

26 March

Understanding the Catholic Church from a Darwinian (human-evolutionary) perspective

25 March

Like America, China is building a multi-ethnic empire, writes  Parag Khanna, and I am inclined to agree

23 March

In response to Theo Hobson's piece, "Why I am a Christian"

23 March

In response to the Archbishop's Easter message

23 March

Observer leader: "Obama's speech on race rings true for Britain, too"

22 March

Tibetans are not the only ones being oppressed and destroyed by the "utopia of modernity".

20 March

Something is rotten in the state of (not just) British Journalism

18 March

Americans are not a "people" or a "nation", but a STATE, the primary purpose of which is to EXPLOIT

17 March

In response to Gary Younge's criticism of  identity politics

16 March

Marx and Hitler were both wide of the mark with their Darwinian "class" and "race struggles", but not totally wrong.

15 March

Social cohesion and group (national?) identity are going to become increasingly - ultimately, vitally - important.

14 March

Margaret Hodge MP on her Barking constituency

13 March

From ending "white minority rule" in SA to ending "white majority rule" everywhere . . .

13 March

Identity politics are rife in elections, by Sunny Hundal

13 March

British identiy is now defined by civic rather than ethnic belonging, says Timothy Garton Ash

12 March

But is Britishness broken? by Michael White

11 March

For Queen and country, by Roger Browning

11 March

Putting European competitiveness ahead of social goals

8 March

A large section of the population is bewildered by the pace of change, say's Richard Klein

7 March

A female leading the world's most powerful democracy is intoxicating for many women, thinks Libby Brooks

3 March

Disaster relief should be for the military

2 March

How Britain turned its back on the white working class, by Andrew Anthony

1 March

Modernisation a la carte? by Joschka Fischer

29 Feb

Polly Toynbee criticises tax avoidance, and I criticise her avoidance of social reality . . . .

28 Feb

Sunder Katwala criticises Trevor Phillips response to success of Barack Obama

27 Feb

The civilised world is progressing toward solutions to global warming, claims David Sassoon . . . If only . . !

27 Feb

Our society has no tier between individuals and the central state, by Simon Jenkins

25 Feb

Economic inequality, not race, causes cultural division, by Jonathan Rutherford

24 Feb

The baby-boomers finally see sense on immigration, by David Goodhart

21 Feb

Another attempt to explain the MADNESS of mass immigration and multi-racial/multicultural society

20 Feb

Delia Smith's mistake in giving economics (the household of man) priority over ecology (the household of our planet).

20 Feb

The objectivity myth (amongst the media) by Jeff Javis

19 Feb

Designing evolution, by James Randerson

19 Feb

Diversity, not adversity, by Khaled Diab

16 Feb

HOW and WHY were mass immigration and mulit-racial/multicultural society imposed on Britain?

15 Feb

In response to piece by Simon Jenkins, elaborating on my Darwinian view of society

14 Feb

How racist is Britain, asks James Sturcke?

14 Feb

Geoffrey Robertson thinks that Britain too should say sorry to Australian Aborigines

13 Feb

What is the  "power of money" other than the POWER of  the most versatile form of POWER?

12 Feb

Adam Rutherford, Blogging Darwin 2 . . .

11 Feb

How criminals and non-criminals alike are simply exploiting their environment

11 Feb

History starts and ends local

11 Feb

Why are our most eminent biologists not pointing out the Darwinian basis of capitalism?

10 Feb

Adam Rutherford, Blogging Darwin 1 . . .

9 Feb

In response to Guardian Leader on reaction to Rowan Williams speach on Sharia law

8 Feb

Thinking about 'the unthinkable' by Alan Johnson: academics' vain attempts to combat global poverty

7 Feb

Guardian Leader: selection of presidential candidates "hugely beneficial for America, and for rest of the world". Really?

7 Feb

Germany's search for home truths continues, 75 years on  by Jonathan Steele

6 Feb

With everyone out to exploit the system, should council housing be linked to employment? 

6 Feb

The denied importance of ethnicity in American and British politics

6 Feb

In response to Geoffrey Wheatcroft's "Lament for the [nuclear] disarmer"

5 Feb

In response to the defence secretary's presentation of Britain's stance on nuclear proliferation

4 Feb

Our media have become mass producers of distortion, by Nick Davies: symptoms of a terminally sick civilization

3 Feb

In response to a question in the Sunday Telegraph: What must the Tory's do to win my vote?

2 Feb

In response to a question in the Daily Telegraph: Who benefits from the UK's benefits system?

2 Feb

Welfare is a mess, says David Freud in the Telegraph, and I try to explain why . . . (on my website)

1 Feb

Open thread: Should schools be teaching children to love Britain?

1 Feb

Phil Hall writes that the "state" is the only really effective power against climate change, but I disagree . . .

1 Feb

In response to a piece by Alexander Chancellor: on inherited wealth and "money trees"

31 Jan

WHY such persistent folly, and not just from our own government . . . . ?

30 Jan

An article by Peter Herbert illustrates the madness of creating a multi-ethnic society

30 Jan

Tim Watkin on the impact of the Internet on print media, and me on the impact of adertising on both

30 Jan

The importance (or not) of medieval Islamic science (just my own posts, plus final one missing from thread)

29 Jan

George Monbiot on the lesser threat of population growth

28 Jan

In response to a piece by Andrew Brown on  the breakdown of civility

28 Jan

In response to a piece by James Ball is support of electorial reform

28 Jan

Airport expansion: Why is the picture "blurred"?

26 Jan

Remembering the Holocaust, by Stephen Smith

25 Jan

In praise of ... the Eyak language: "Languages, like peoples, are in a constant battle for survival."

22 Jan

To B(BC) or not to B(BC), that is the question . . . . ? In response to an article by Polly Toynbee

20 Jan

Only science can save us from climate catastrophe, by John Gray

20 Jan

Mum's the word for racist, by Victoria Coren

19 Jan

Iris scans, liars and exploiting the socioeconomic environment

17 Jan

Do you trust the BBC, askes Sunny Hundal

17 Jan

In response to a suggestion, by Timothy Garton Ash, for an international anthem

16 Jan

Given America's well-known race problems, what induced Britain to become a multi-racial country too?

16 Jan

The social solidarity on which Britain's welfare state was based no longer exists

15 Jan

Nation-state politics can only fail the problems of the modern world, by Ulrich Beck

14 Jan

Paul Harris laments the political racial divide in South Carolina

13 Jan

Blame the greens when the lights go off, by Nick Cohen

13 Jan

Intensive farming saves lives, by Jay Rayner

12 Jan

The term "progressive(s)" just means "us" or "our" in the "them and us" dichotomy so deeply ingrained in human "prime ape" behaviour

12 Jan

Why do we always speak of "man", when what we are usually referring to is Europeans?

12 Jan

A "racist" response to the Guardian's (in) Praise of... Tenzing Norgay

11 Jan

Tony Blair's new million dollar part-time job with  JP Morgan, by Geoffrey Wheatcroft

10 Jan

My main objection to nuclear power. In response to piece by Tony Juniper

10 Jan

Gordon Brown: the rise of the clan chief, by Tim Luckhurst

10 Jan

A "Triple  Alliance" between capital, the state, and the political left is driving the MADNESS of mass immigration (on my webpage)  

9 Jan

Prof. Prem Sikka's reporting of accounting practices supports a Darwinian view of society

9 Jan

Untrue or just inconvenient - we are  in danger of concentrating too much on climate change

9 Jan

In response to the American election circus

8 Jan

In response to Mike Marqusee, who would have us believe he doesn't have a bone of racial prejudice in his body

8 Jan

Exorbitant CEO pay a logical conseqence of Darwinian socio-economics

7 Jan

A 'frenemy': someone who is both friend and enemy . . . .

7 Jan

Which would you rather subsidise, nuclear or renewable? by Jeremy Leggett

7 Jan

"Racism" on the cricket field - just  part of the struggle for the "moral high ground"

7 Jan

Helen Joyce is irritated by the mediocre who identify with more capable members of their gender or ethnic group 

7 Jan

Having kids really does make you think more about the world's future, by Leo Hickman

5 Jan

Racial emancipation and sexual liberation have  become mainstream. . . . .  And how they have been PERVERTED and EXPLOITED!

4 Jan

We, natives, need mass immigration like we need a hole in the head . . . !

3 Jan

Selfish capitalism is bad for our mental health by Oliver James

2 Jan

Stagflation cometh by Joseph Stiglitz

2 Jan

The disconnect between awareness of climate change and the lifestyle changes necessary to combat it, by Anthony Giddens

2 Jan

The ideological divide, by Prof. A C Grayling

2 Jan

Fight poverty, not the poor, writes Peter Hain, secretary of state for work and pensions

1 Jan

George Monbiot on the need for constitutional reform


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