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For the Year 07
30 Dec With the will we can save the Earth, writes Hilary Benn . . . . 
30 Dec In response to Telegraph leader on  abysmal state of sexual morals amongst Britain's young people.
27 Dec In 2007 we realised that the internet is not just a new medium, by Jeff Javis
27 Dec An ironical response to the Telegraph's question: Are we employing too many overseas doctors?
23 Dec The new world order that threatens Uncle Sam, by Henry Porter
23 Dec Observer leader: Xenophobia has no place in Britain today . . . .
22 Dec Nick Clegg would have been wise to stay silent on God, by Alexander Chancellor
20 Dec Libby Brooks on the commercial exploitation and corruption of teen and pre-teen sexuality
18 Dec Being stingy is in the genes
18 Dec Peter Singer argues for compulsory voting at elections
18 Dec Fair giving is hardwired and spite uniquely human
17 Dec Madeleine Bunting on parallels between medieval and our own times
16 Dec Washington still prefers to stick its head in the sand, by Tony Juniper
16 Dec At last the great divide (between authority and personal liberty) is coming into focus, by Henry Porter
14 Dec In response to an article by Greg Anrig on race and educational attainment in the USA
12 Dec There are no human races, just the one species: homo sapiens, by Simon Underdown
12 Dec In response to Telegraph article on creating a new Union (British) flag
12 Dec UN high commissioner for refugees, Antonio Guterres, on the inevitability and advantages of mass migration
11 Dec John Gittings on the failure of nuclear non-proliferation treaty
11 Dec What would you put in a truly British museum? Asks the Daily Telegraph
11 Dec To tackle global warming we need a shift in attitudes unprecedented in peace time, says Thomas Crowley
10 Dec Daily Telegraph campaign for Britain: We must never forget to call ourselves British . . . .
9 Dec Our national love of tackiness is killing culture, writes Mary Riddell, to which I offer a "Darwinian" explanation
8 Dec The appointment of black role models is beyond parody, by Joseph Harker
8 Dec

Zaki Cooper praises Christmas, but I'm for reviving MY ancestors' celebration of the "Sunturn"

8 Dec The merging of the real and virtual worlds, which I see facilitating the development of "political communities"
6 Dec The truth about the birds and bees, by Anne Atkins, on sex education
5 Dec Capitalism alone won't save the planet, by Jonathan Freedland
5 Dec The wealth of the nation, by Prem Sikka:  tackling poverty at its root cause
4 Dec Sex education works, says Polly Toynbee, but I disagree - I think . . . .
4 Dec Ignoring issues about race will only foster prejudice, by Jane Lane and Patrice Lawrence
4 Dec On the "international affair" caused by Gillian Gibbons naming a teddy bear Mohamed in Sudan
3 Dec The readers' editor, Siobhain Butterworth, on ... "naked ageism"
3 Dec What single breakthrough would best advance the fight against climate change?
2 Dec Sunny Hundal on the need for a British  constitution to bind us ALL together
1 Dec Quantum theory, claims Prof. Jim Al-Khalili, beats Darwin's theory with one hand behind its back
1 Dec All done in good faith, by David Abrahams, who illegally donated 100's of thousands of pounds to the Labour Party
30 Nov Jason Burke on globalization, for which I offer a Darwinian explanation
29 Nov The phantom hordes, by Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah who defends mass immigration into Britain
28 Nov Facing up to Facebook fraud, by Anne Wollenberg
28 Nov A shrinking comfort zone, by Michael White, on the latest party donation affair
26 Nov Everyone's business, by Ben Verwaayen (chief executive of BT and chair of CBI climate change taskforce)
26 Nov Leader, expressing hope in British business facing up to the challenge of climate change
25 Nov No more babies, please, by Abby O'Reilly
25 Nov A child doesn't need a father to be happy, by Mary Riddell (I argue we accept that "British society" is disintegrating)
24 Nov With oil approaching 100 dollars a barrel: the terrible truth, but David Strahan
22 Nov Black man in a white man's body, by Alex Hilton:  was he wrong to criticise a Facebook page as "racist"?
20 Nov Guardian leader: In praise of...fairness. Do human beings have an instinct for fairness?
20 Nov  George Monbiot criticises UK and US for different attitude toward Israel and Iran on nuclear weapons
19 Nov Open thread, a  word for our times, my suggestion: "familiaphilia"
18 Nov A longer life ignores the cost of growing old, by Nick Cohen
18 Nov Britain's crisis of connection, by Alessandra Buonfino: increasing and accumulating symptoms of a sick society
17 Nov Dave Hill gloating over the successful imposition of leftwing multi-culti ideology on the native British population (here on my own webpage)
16 Nov Simon Jenkins on the nation's neglect of teaching geography and history
15 Nov Enduring racism of US society  not enough to explain economic inequality and downward mobility hurting black Americans, by Lionel McPherson
15 Nov

Winner of Electoral Reform Society's democratic blogger competition explains why we should banish 'first past the post'

15 Nov The PM, Gordon Brown, set out a compelling vision of a global society,  by David Clark (Brown's speech)
14 Nov We [engineers] helped get the world into this mess, we must make it our mission to get it out again,  by  Chris Wise
13 Nov A dangerous delusion, by Sue Blackmore: thinking of religion in terms of evolutionary theory
13 Nov The anti-speed-camera campaign is built on twisted truth and junk science, by George Monbiot
12 Nov Dying for something better, by Ashley Riley: changing the law on euthenasia
12 Nov A bridge too far, by Peter Preston: "There is little sign of that vaunted community spirit around here"
11 Nov Tongue-tied Britain is losing its voice, by Will Hutton: on Britain's declining interest in foreign languages
10 Nov When small is not beautiful, by Ian Buruma: on the rise of righwing parties in small European states.
10 Nov To have and to have not, by Kenneth Rogoff: Fundamental tax reforms and open markets needed to balance global distribution of wealth.
10 Nov A man's got to get by, by Anthony Seldon, on Tony Blair's absurdly large speech fee
9 Nov God is not dead, by Soumaya Ghannoushi: Religion is on the ascendancy in Europe
9 Nov A benign demonstration of national pride, by Alexander Chancellor
7 Nov Behind the user name, by Linda Grant: [anonymous] online comment renders individuals one-dimensional.
7 Nov Havens and have-nots, by Richard Murphy: The culture of corporations avoiding tax and dues to society 
6 Nov Dressing up the message, by Brendan O'Neill, who considers Enoch Powell to have been a "racist"
6 Nov Who needs leaders? by Derek Wall, Principal Speaker for the Green Party
5 Nov The toxic Powell legacy, by Sunder Katwala,  general secretary of the Fabian Society
5 Nov Tory candidate resigns over race row (Daily Telegraph), or here, on my own webpage.
4 Nov Let's follow a leader, by Darren Johnson (Green party member of the London Assembly)
4 Nov Why 'Ryanair migrants' make the UK uneasy, by Nick Cohen
2 Nov Time for a few home truths on migration, by Michael White
31 Oct . . the union is busy disintegrating, by Simon Jenkins: As globalisation weakens national governments, the break-up of Britain's homogenised state becomes inevitable.
30 Oct Debating diversity, by Anthony Giddens: We may find debates on the future of a multicultural society unpalatable, but that does not mean we should ignore compelling arguments.
29 Oct Rethinking welfare,  by Frank Field: Labour ministers have consistently failed to think radically about how to help people off social welfare and in to work.
28 Oct
Green and mean, by Leo Hickman: Every cause has its uncontrolled elements on the fringes, but a rise in eco-terrorism would be disastrous for the environmental movement.
28 Oct
These tycoons are stranger than fiction, by Will Hutton: A riveting book paints a portrait of the world's biggest deal-makers. It's not a pretty picture.
28 Oct Shoppers can help kill off sweatshops
27 Oct
Face to faith: Seeing scientific knowledge as limitless erodes our capacity for contemplative wonder, by Mark Vernon
25 Oct
Surrendering our future, by Jeremy Leggett: While Germany races to deliver renewable energy, Britain's sluggish policies will cost its citizens dear.
25 Oct
Red stars on the moon, by Alok Jha: By sending a probe to the moon, China has sent a clear message of technological intent to the rest of the world.
23 Oct How can Britain cope with the population surge? Open thread at Daily Telegraph
23 Oct
Let's shed the cloak of anonymity, by Daphna Baram: Democratic participation in political debates is characterised by accountability - so why don\'t we all agree to use our real names on the web?
8 June My low opinion of Kenneth Clarke, and response to being called a "racist" and an "eco-Nazi"
8 June In response to an article criticising too little Western help for Africa
5 June In response to Polly Toynbee's claim that "wild west capitalism is born of servility to the City"
1 June In response to Richard Cockett's claim that African politics are stuck in the past
1 June In response to Peter Tatchell on abolishing the monarchy
27 May In response to Mary Riddell's "Racism lite masks reality on the streets"
25 May Dave Hill on immigration, national identity and social provision
21 May In response to Jon Cruddas's response to Margaret Hodge's article, below
20 May In response to Margaret Hodge's "A message to my fellow immigrants"
18 May In response to Simon Jenkins on the irresponsibility of the media in reporting sensation
16 May In response to Cameron Duodu on race, particulaly mixed-race, and the nation state
15 May In response to Laura Smith on racial discrimination in Britain
15 May In response George Monbiot on global death toll on world's roads
14 May In response to Guardian Leader on the Chinese capitalism
13 May In response to David Cameron on spending a couple of days with a Muslim family
10 May My response to Tony Blair calling Britain a "blessed nation", "the greatest nation on Earth".
9 May "Progressives" not interested in slaying capitalist dragon which lays golden eggs for them too
9 May In response to Sunny Hundal's article asking "What is white culture?"
20 April "It isn't civilised to draw attention to what divides the human race" by Simon Jenkins
18 April On "social Darwinism" and the media's dependency on sensationalism
16 April Gary Younge winging on behalf of black Britain and my alternative to multiculti society
15 April Nick Cohen on some important points relating to climate change
12 April Guardian leader in defence of Russian response to American anti-missile system
9 April The British, without honour or shame, by David Cox on
9 April Peter Preston on military personnel taking media money for stories of Iran capture
8 April 'Britain' is a concept that has outlived its usefulness, by Mark Simpson
8 April America's debt to a forgotten hero, by Henry Porter
2 April Iran forces Israeli rethink, by Simon Tisdall
2 April Being black in Britain is bad for your mental health, by Kwame McKenzie
31 March . . . Dave Hill on recent debates about black people showing that we need to think about race differently
26 March . . . Simon Tisdall lamenting the EU's lack on interest in Turkey joining (my "last post", which missed deadline of thread closure)
26 March . . . The road from Rome, by John Palmer, celebrating the next 50 years of the EU
24 March . . . Plan wrong, Guardian Leader on recently concluded Open Skies treaty between EU and USA
23 March . . . Slavery: an open sore, by Joseph Harker, whinging about the affects of slavery on today's black Britons
22 March . . . Josh Freedman Berthoud on "vicious racists" who dare to comment on multiculti London
22 March . . . Europe needs a bold new story - and to invent new ways to tell it, by Timothy Garton Ash