To:    Guardian CiF
Re:    Why is Britain still a Monarchy?
Date: Friday 27 April 07

In response to the Guardian article, "The logic of the bloodline" by Mark Lawson on the difference between the Royal Family and the rest of us

Link to article and thread at The Guardian.

Quote from the article: ". . . soldiers are expendable and princes are not"

It is not often I read something in the Guardian that I find offensive, but this statement I do - profoundly! It is like saying that Commonwealth (black) soldiers are expendable, but white ones are not.

" . . . . . the decision is treacherous and complex and questions the very concept of a modernized monarchy".

Indeed it does!

Why do we keep the monarchy? Because it is intimately associated with the power structures of the British state and all the perks and advantages for those in a position to benefit from them. And because of a monstrous LIE that has been enforced and upheld for centuries in order to keep the masses subservient to their "social betters" and masters.

It is not just that we descend from apes - we ARE apes, and behave accordingly, using our big brains and prodigious intelligence to rationalize and justify it.

Homo sapiens, indeed!