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The catastrophe's of the 20th Century were just a foretaste of what the 21st Century
Date:  Thursday 17 April 08


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In response to Andreas Kluth's piece on predicting the future

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A century ago, who would have prophesized two horrific world wars, Hitler or Stalin, or how close we came to completely destroying our civilization in a nuclear conflagration?

Who would have prophesized that our leaders would refuse to heed warnings about the fragility of Earth's biosphere and climate, about the limits of its natural resources and the carrying capacity of its life-support systems, and persist with an economy and lifestyles (both closely linked, of course) that, given Earth's population, are utterly unsustainable and can only lead (are leading) to global catastrophe?

2nd Post

Returning to my first post, above, it occurs to me that most (perhaps all) of you bothering to read it will dismiss me as a "doom monger".

I do not see myself as a doom monger at all - far from it - but as someone who can see, more clearly than most, where we have come from, where we currently are, and thus where we are heading, which is towards catastrophe, as we were at the beginning of the last century. I'm sure that then, as now, there were those who warned of what lay ahead, who were likewise dismissed as "doom mongers". 

The catastrophe's of the 20th Century were bad enough, but just a foretaste of what is to come in the 21st Century - unless there is a rapid and fundamental reappraisal of our situation, and some truly radical changes to the existing political and socioeconomic order at local, regional, national and global levels.

This fundamental reappraisal of our situation requires a human-evolutionary (i.e. Darwinian) view of society and how it has developed. Nothing less will do. We must break the taboos which, for understandable, but misconceived, historical reasons, are in place to prevent us doing this.

I am not a "doom monger", but a realist, who wants to save his civilization (or at least some of it) from its rapidly approaching demise.