To:     The Daily Telegraph
  Trevor Phillips' warning of an immigration 'cold war'
Date:  Monday 21 April 08


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In response to a report on Trevor Phillips' warning of an immigration 'cold war'.

Link to article and thread, where you will not find my contribution, since it wasn't published . . . . (?)
It is time we recognised (instead of fearfully denying), not just the economic forces driving  mass immigration, but also the "ideological forces" aimed at putting an end to "white majority rule" in Britain (within 60 years, according to some estimates) and eventually in all Europe, in fulfillment of a racial ideology which is the exact, but equally extreme, opposite of Nazi racial ideology, to the horrors of which, initially, it was an understandable overreaction.
We are in the grip of an ideological dogma, comparable with and playing a similar socially controlling role to theological dogma of the Middle Ages, which says that "race does not exist", or in so far as it cannot be denied, is of little or NO social importance.
The TRUTH is that race (ethnic differences) is of huge social importance, not because any race is superior to any other, but because of its central role in determining, when not suppressed by social taboo, most people's sense of personal and group identity.