To:    Guardian CiF
Re:    THEM and US: the BADDIES on the "conservative Right" and the GOODIES on the "progressive Left"
Date: Thursday 8 February 07

In response to the Guardian article, "The dire global cooling problem" by Bradford Plumer.

Link to article and thread at The Guardian.

Some people, and Bradford Plumer seems to be one of them, are only capable of seeing the world in terms of THEM and US: Us (the goodies) on the "progressive Left" and them (the baddies) on the "conservative Right".

To be fair to Mr Plumer, such behaviour is pretty much programmed into our "prime-ape" nature, millions of years of evolution having adapted our behaviour to distinguish clearly between OUR group and OTHER groups. Hitler's group, for example, was the "German race", Jews and Slavs in particular were OTHER groups.

Some people are too preoccupied making MONEY (the most versatile form of POWER) to worry about such things. But not those on the "progressive Left". The irony is, they think (and no doubt believe) that they are morally superior, when in fact, like those on the Right, they are, very largely, just following their primitive animal nature.

In pursuit of the Darwinian struggle for survival and advantage, now in the "socio-economic environment" (rather than the natural environment where human behaviour evolved), those on the political Right, following the tradition of the aristocracy, tend to emphasize the POWER of the sword and MONEY, while those on the Left, in the tradition of the priesthood , emphasize the POWER of the WORD, of occupying the "moral high ground" from where they offer salvation (social acceptance to those who submit to their ideology), while damning their rivals and detractors as unbelievers, heathen, capitalists, racists, or whatever.

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