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The primary function of the state
Date: Saturday 2 February  08


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In response to the question of who benefits from the UK's benefits system?

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The original and continuing PRIMARY function of the STATE is to facilitate EXPLOITATION of the society it embraces.
Originally this was to the almost exclusive advantage of the aristocracy and clergy, who created it and determined its structures, but things have moved on, other groups gaining in advantage, culminating in modern democracy, where everyone (theoretically at least) is free to exploit the rest of society as best they can.
Of course, society has to be SERVED and maintained, otherwise there would be nothing to exploit, and we have been deceived (and deceived ourselves) into believing that this is the state's main purpose.
It is the "individual" who has driven these developments (it is not a "class" or "race" struggle, as others have maintained) - thus the emphasis on individualism, but with individuals often forming interest groups to promote their own particular interests, or paying an agent to do it for them.
Those at the lower end of the social hierarchy, naturally enough, exploit the now available welfare system. They don't get as much out of it as those at the top, but nevertheless . . .
Unsurprisingly, in view of human origins, and notwithstanding our reluctance to recognize it, the Darwinian struggle for survival and advantage is still very much with us - only largely transferred from the natural environment, for which evolution adapted it, to the artificial environment of human society itself, which state and economy developed to facilitate the exploitation of.