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Date:  Thursday 10 April 08


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In response to "This free-market farce proves the state is crucial", by Ulrich Beck

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How long must I go on repeating myself before someone starts to pay attention?

The ROOT CAUSE of our problems (political, social, ECONOMIC and environmental) lies in a socioeconomic order (divided up into nation states and national and multinational companies) deeply rooted in (especially European) man's dumb-animal nature (understandably enough, one might have thought, in view of what we are supposed to know about human origins), which developed to facilitate a perverted and fatally misplaced continuation of his evolutionary struggle for survival and reproductive success (now largely reduced to a struggle for POWER, of which MONEY is the most versatile and important form) in the artificial environment of human society itself.

Until we face up to this fundamental truth, we are not going to solve any of our problems. Instead, a ruthless Mother Nature (who is already "warming up" for the job) will do it for us.

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[memeroot]: "@rogerhicks, I think you were being politely ignored...."

Maybe, but on the other hand, anyone who does take note of what I'm saying might prefer to ponder a while, rather than comment, on it.

Its implications are profound and bound to take a while to sink in, and if they don't take your breath away as they do, it is because you haven't properly understood them.

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[bass46]: "rogerhicks, You're right, but how would we reorder ourselves if given a fresh start?"

We don't have the option of a "fresh start", but must start from where we are, which is the mess we are in. But before we can even begin, we must study and understand how we got into it. As we do, ways out will become evident. We don't HAVE to stay "on the broken track to oblivion", not if we don't want to.

It is probably too late now to avoid some kind of catastrophe, but we can still reduce its impact and improve our (children's) changes of survival and recovery. The sooner we start in earnest the better - but first we must properly understand our situation from a human-evolutionary perspective.

At the moment, because of a disconnect between the biological and social sciences, and the taboos that are in place when it comes to applying Darwin's ideas to human society, our political and social scientists simply haven't a clue. They are like medieval doctors, more a threat to their patient's recovery, but unable to admit it, even to themselves, for fear of compromising their own status and livelihoods.

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